List of Documents collected by Anasua Basu Ray Chaudhury during the project 


Hooghly Imambarah


Imambarah is one of the famous Shiya Muslim pilgrimage centre in Hooghly district of West Bengal. The building was started in the year 1841 by Haji Mohammad Mahasin & was completed in the year 1861. As Mohsin had neither children, nor the other relatives, who would become his legal heirs he gifted a huge area of land including Imambarah to the Trustees for the charity. As a result a huge area surrounding Imamabarah became part of waqf properties. History reveals that at the time of communal violence that broke out in 1950 as a consequence of partition of India 1947 Imambarah gave shelter to thousands of Muslim displaced people.
The two storied building of Imambarah consisting ranged rooms has a wide entrance of main gate flanked by two giant towers.
The researcher wants to thank A.A.Shirazi, the Chairman, Imambarah Trust Board, Hooghly for allowing her to take photographs of Imamabarah and to consult their strong room. She also acknowledges her debt to Sayeed Islam Hussain and his family, Iftikar Ali, (present Manager of the Hooghly Imambarah), Haider Kareeb, Sayeed Talib Reza, Raju Mirza, Harpreet and all other staff of Imambarah for their assistance.


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