Workshops and Other Events

October 7 2004, New Delhi

Presentation on 'National Resettlement and Rehabilitation Policy' at the CRG discussion programme on the Internally Displaced Peoples with visiting Asia Pacific Forum delegation.


October 24 2004, Calcutta Research Group, Kolkata

Public presentation by Madhuresh Kumar, on the theme "Globalisation and Socio-Economic Rights of Marginalised Communities", at Calcutta Research Group.


April 9-10 2005, Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, Kolkata


Workshop on Globalisation, State Policies, and Human Rights

From the end of the last decade in particular, the government of India has come up with a number of policies aimed at protecting the people who may be adversely affected by globalisation. There has been a virtual policy explosion in the area of agriculture, water, health, environment, forest, women empowerment, children care, education etc. These policies and charters are said to have increased our policy fund and set an agenda of governance for successive governments. On one hand these policies can be seen in the backdrop of resistance offered by various civil groups against the onslaught of globalisation, and the reforms carried out by the government. On the contrary it can also be said that the policy explosions has occurred with two main aims: 1) To control and mitigate the effects of globalisation process on the society; 2) To meet the demands posed by neo-liberal economic policies on the economy, environment and resources. However, the significant questions which need to be asked in this context is: 

It is to discuss these questions and critically engage with various government policies in the context of globalisation that this advocacy workshop is organised with participants from organisations, social movements, networks and individuals working on these issues. The endeavour is to supplement the policy debate as well as listen to the testimonies of the individuals and organisations that are engaged with the implementation of these policies at grassroots levels in various parts of the country. Organised around different panels the endeavour would be to engage critically with the specific state policies and enhance our understanding of the emerging policy regime in the context of economic reforms.


For details see Conference Statement and Programme Schedule
Read the Report of the workshop


June 10 2005, Hotel Akashdeep, Kolkata

Advisory Meeting for design and development of education programme on state policies and sustainability of rights in the age of globalisation.


September 2005, Kolkata

4-5 days non-residential educational course on state policies and sustainability of rights in the age of globalisation.


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