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Resource Centre

An advisory committee is hereby formed for library and the resource centre. The members of the committee are: 

1. Professor Ranabir Samaddar, Convener, Professor and Chair on Migration and Forced Migration Studies.  Expert on Political Theory; social sciences; migration studies, labour and political economy. 

2. Dr. Purna Banerjee: Associate Professor, Presidency University, Expert in Cultural Studies, post-colonial theories, and gender studies 

3. Shri Rajat Roy, Eminent Journalist  with knowledge on media archive.  

The advisory body will be responsible for giving advice on holdings.  They will also create proposals related to expansion of the library and archives; creation, preservation and dissemination of knowledge on archival holdings, digitization, preservation of documents etc.


If anyone wants to access the catalogue of the holdings, he/she have to register.


      Click on to go to the webpage of the library.

      Click on Registration (in the right corner of the library webpage). After registration one will receive a verification e-mail in his/her respective e-mail id. After confirmation of registration fees he/she will be able to log in (with their respective login id and password). Kindly note that the whole process will take at least 24 hours from the time of registration.

In case of any difficulty regarding registration and accessing catalogues, please contact us at mcrg@mcrg.ac.in

How to Search Catalogue? 

1.     Click on Basic Search – Enter Search Item- Any word from the title of a book/document/Subject. [e.g to access documents on Forced Migration, type- “Forced Migration”] , or by the first or last name of an Author. 

2.     Click on Advanced Search –  

3.     Please go through the FAQ section after registration/login for further assistance. For queries please contact our library in charges. 

Books are available only in hard copies in CRG library.

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