A CRG Series in the Corona Times: Six Lectures on Migrants and Refugees

In collaboration with Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, South Asia & Institute for Human Sciences, Vienna


Online Lectures


Introduction by Professor Ranabir Samaddar, Distinguished Chair in Migration and Forced Migration Studies, Calcutta Research Group

Lecture 1: Global Protection of Refugees and Migrants with Emphasis on Protection in the Time of a Pandemic

Speaker: Nasreen Chowdhory, University of Delhi & Calcutta Research Group

Lecture 2: Migrants and the Epidemic: Gender, Race, and other Vulnerabilities

Speaker: Samata Biswas, The Sanskrit College and University, Kolkata & Calcutta Research Group

Lecture 3: Neoliberalism, Migrant Worker and the Burden of the Epidemic: Few Observations

Speaker: Iman Mitra, Shivnadar University & Calcutta Research Group

Lecture 4: Statelessness with Emphasis on De Facto Statelessness and the Rightlessness of Sections of Population

Speaker: K.M. Parivelan, TISS, Mumbai & Calcutta Research Group

Lecture 5: Legal Regimes of Protection and the Time of the Pandemic

Speaker: Oishik Sircar, Jindal Global Law School


Lecture 6: Ethics of Care, Public Health, and the Migrants and Refugees

Speaker: Paula Banerjee, University of Calcutta & Calcutta Research Group