Publications on Protection of Minority Rights


Project Publications by CRG 

A)     Samir Kumar Das, (ed.). Minorities in South Asia and in Europe: A New Agenda, (Samya, Kolkata, 2010)

B)     Samir Kumar Das and Ranabir Samaddar, Ways of Power , Minorities, and Knowledge on Minorities, Policies and Practices 23 (CRG, Kolkata, 2009)

C)     Subir Bhaumik and Sumon K. Chakrabarti, View from India : Media and Minorities in Europe, Policies and Practices 27 (CRG, Kolkata, 2010)

D)     Amarjeet Singh Narang, Nation Building and Minority Alienation in India, Policies and Practices 29 (CRG, Kolkata, 2010)

Other Project Publications- The Project has also Generated a Wide Corpus of Research Material, Which are

      A) Thomas Benedikter (ed.). Europe’s Ethnic Mosaic, (EURAC, Bolzano, 2008). 

      B) Rautz, Tomaselli and Zabielska (eds.). Material for Specialized Media, (EURAC, Bolzano, 2008).  

     C) Text Book Reader - Borhanuddin Khan and Muhammad Mahbubur Rahman from University of Dhaka have co-authored the text on Protection of Minorities: A South Asian Discourse. As it is meant to be a text book targeted at the University level, and given the diversity of situations across South Asia, the volume is organized around country specific chapters. This was released during the final conference in Kolkata.  

     D) Readings on Minority Rights in South: New Challenges- Tapan Bose and Rita Manchanda edited this volume and this was published by South Asia Forum for Human Rights. This was also released during the final conference at kolkata. 

      E) EYMI Special Issue on South Asia - was released during the final conference by the European Academy at Kolkata. 

Ø        Forthcoming Publication by CRG- A successful culmination of the study visits as part of the exchange programme between the scholars of South Asia and Europe has resulted in a series of ‘counter- gaze studies’. CRG, as a partner institution of the EURASIA-Net project has decided to publish some select essays in the proposed book Counter Gaze: Media, Migrants, Minorities, edited by Subir Bhaumik, eminent journalist and member of CRG. Barring two essays, all the articles are the result of study visits undertaken by the scholars. The publication of the book could be made possible by the support of the European Commission, in particular Angela Liberatore, the research adviser on behalf of the Commission and also the other partner institutions- European Academy (EURAC, Bolzano,), Brunel University (London), Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universitat, Frankfurt am Main, South Asia Forum for Human Rights, Kathmandu, Democratic Commission of Human Development, Lahore, and University of Dhaka, Dhaka.

Some Material Prepared for the Conference and Circulated 

A)      Note on the Discussionon Possibilities of Trans-Regional Platform for Protection of Minority Rights by Ranabir Samaddar.

B)      Some European reflexions on regional standard setting in Human and Minority Rights in South Asia by Günther Rautz.

C)     Media and Minorities – Issues in Europe and South Asia by Subir Bhaumik

4. Research Paper

A)      Unbecoming Citizens : Muslim Women in Calcutta by Sanam Roohi. Click here 

B)      Tolerance Established by Law: The Autonomy of South Tyrol in Italy by Eva Pföstl. Click here