Mahanirban Calcutta Research group



Some of the Main Objectives are:

While pursuing its researches, CRG has been successful in bringing together a group of like-minded scholars and academics and maintaining the distinctive group character. With the kind of research outputs to its credit and the database accumulated over the years on the subject of its focus, it can truly claim itself to be a resource centre only of its kind in the east and the northeast. CRG has been functioning with enviable track record beyond the established system of higher education in the country. In Calcutta it is again the only voluntary association of eminent intellectuals and dynamic young researchers working on policies and issues of peace, conflict resolution, human rights, and democracy.  


The members of the CRG are acclaimed academics and professionals in their respective fields; they are noted researchers, teachers, journalists, communicators, publishers, editors, and women’s rights activists. While their individual work is well known in respective fields, their collective association on a voluntary basis in form of a research group has given CRG’s distinctive character. Members were originally from the city of Kolkata, which explains its name, but its partnership is with many colleagues and institutions in India and elsewhere. Willing individuals, groups, and institutions from outside can also apply for associational membership.