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The Calcutta Research Group have Published Nine New Research Papers on International Workshop & Conference in Migration and Forced Migration Studies


Previous Years Research Papers on 2021




Policies and Practices 143

Policies and Protection for the Migrants of Nepal

Essays by
Som Niroula & Kamal Thapa Kshetri 


Policies and Practices 142

Indian Droughts, Drought Policy and Climate Change

Essay by
Sohini Sengupta 


Policies and Practices 141

Witnessing the Birth of a Nation Narrative Frames of Refugee and Relief in Bangladesh Liberation War, 1971

Essays by
Rituparna Datta  


Policies and Practices 140

Kolkata and Climate Crisis

Essay by
Shatabdi Das  


Policies and Practices 139

Urban Renewal Stage in City’s Life & Its Impact on Slums and Slum Dwellers: A Case Study of Noida City

Essays by
Johny K D & Ankita Singh  


Policies and Practices 138

Politics of Populist Policies in West Bengal

Essay by
Santi Sarkar  


Policies and Practices 137

Pandemic and Governance in Central Asia

Essay by
Anita Sengupta  


Policies and Practices 136

Theorising Race and Space in a Transnational Context

Essay by
Julián Gutiérrez Castaño  


Policies and Practices 135

Mitigating the Impact of Covid and Conflict: Empowering & Securing Futures of Children Belonging to Pastoral Communities of Jammu and Kashmir

Essay by
Afreen Gani Faridi  


Policies and Practices 134

Those Who Stay Behind: Lived Experiences from Indian Sundarbans Amidst Climate Change and Migration

Essays by
Debojyoti Das and Upasona Ghosh  


Policies and Practices 133

Solidarity for Survival: Cooperative Building as a Solution to Overcome Vulnerability


Essay by Rajat Kanti Sur  


Policies and Practices 132

Impact of Climate Change on Nomads in Jammu and Kashmir with a View of Public Health Facilities


Essay by Pallavi Sareen


Policies and Practices 131

Navigating Precarity: Analysing Multiple Narratives of Citizenship in Assam


Essays by Samik Roy Chaudhury and Gorky Chakraborty


Policies and Practices 130

The Kaibarta Question in Barak Valley, Assam: A Curious Case of Settlements in Flux


Essay by Debashree Chakraborty