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The Calcutta Research Group have Published Nine New Research Papers on International Workshop & Conference in Migration and Forced Migration Studies


Previous Years Research Papers on 2017




Policies and Practices 105

Reflections on the Mediterranean Refugee Crisis

Essays by Federico Rahola and Priya Singh



Policies and Practices 104

Global Capitalism, Informal Economy and the Question of Labour

Essays by Byasdeb Dasgupta and Ilina Sen



Policies and Practices 103

Migrants and Movements across Asia: Mobility, Global Migration Governance, and the European Response

Essay by Anita Sengupta



Policies and Practices 102

Statelessness, International Conventions and the Need for New Initiatives? Addressing the New Frontiers of Statelessness

Essay by Sabyasachi Basu Ray Chaudhury


Policies and Practices 101

Global Capitalism and Refugee and Migrant Labour

Essays by Ranabir Samaddar & Samita Sen


Policies and Practices 100

Population Flows, Refugees, and the Responsibility to Protect in the Global Protection System

Essay by Shibashis Chatterjee


Policies and Practices 99

Responsibility to Protect: Questions of Race, Religion, Resource and the Unspoken Fourth

Essay by Paula Banerjee


Policies and Practices 98

Promises and Paradoxes of a Global Gaze

Essay by Ranabir Samaddar


Policies and Practices 97

Peasants, Students, Insurgents and Popular Movements in Contemporary Assam

Essay by Sanjay Barbora


Policies and Practices 96

The Urban Turn
Separation, Mobility and the Ordinary City: On Migrants’ Subjection and Subjectivity: The paper centers on what was categorised as a paradigmatic city, an archetype; colonial and postcolonial notions of cityness; and the postcolonial city that was an exemplary to cities that were removed from the administrative centers of the state and capitalist power, in other words, the ordinary city.
The Generic City: meta-political remarks on the Future of the City at the Time of Absolute Capitalism: The paper attempts to transpose the tripartition of the meaning of plasticity as proposed by the philosopher Catherine Malabou to the heuristic understanding of the evolution of the city.
The Urban Turn: The paper explicates the concept of urban turn in its myriad forms in contemporary times, wherein the city becomes the site of modern power albeit in disguise.

Essays by Subir Sinha, Livio Boni & Ranabir Samaddar


Policies and Practices 95

Capital: Value & Translation

The two pieces in “Capital Value & Translation” build on the notion of ‘commodity’ as discussed by Marx in Das Capital, and address the politics of translation with reference to translations of Das Capital. Pranab Kanti Basu, in “Commodity Fetishism”, elaborates on the departure of Marxian OD logic through the problem of Commodity Fetishism (CF), while simultaneously showing the role of interpellation and of the need of intertwining cultural counter-hegemonic strategies with the political counter-hegemonic practices of those organising to affect social change. Jon Solomon, in “From ‘Linguistic Context’ to ‘Sinification’: Marx, China, and Translation in the Postcolonial Condition”, attempts to construct a genealogy of Sinification in relation to the concept of postcolonial condition elaborated by Ranabir Samaddar (2017). He attempts to understand the postcolonial condition in the light of the modern regime of translation, and to understand the how the regimes of accumulation are related to the apparatus of area and anthropological difference that characterizes the postcolonial world.

Essays by Atig Pranab Kanti Basu & Jon Solomon


Policies and Practices 94

Population and Rent in Capital

“Population and rent in Capital” has two reflective pieces that look at Marx’s Das Capital from the perspectives of population and rent. In “Is There a Theory of Population in Capital?” Ranabir Samaddar contextualises the need to re-engage with and re-frame the question of relation between capitalism and population with reference to Marxian, Malthussian and Foucauldian perspectives on labour and life. Iman Kumar Mitra, in Marx’s Theory of Rent: A Speculative Reading”, retraces the trajectory of the theory of rent in Marx’s exposition of capitalism against the backdrop of the implications of such a theory in a capitalist society as espoused by Marxian scholars like Harvey and Dussel.

Essays by Ranabir Samaddar and Iman Kumar Mitra