Readings 2003

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Nationalisms, ethnicities, partition, and partition-refugees

  1. The Nation’s Two Subjects : Biography of the Indian Nation : 1947-1997.

  2. State Response to the Refugee Crisis : Samir Das.

  3. Birth of Social Security Commitments: What Happened In the West : Ritu Menon.

  4. War and Territory in South Asia: Itty Abraham.

  5. Refugee Watch : Displacing People the Nation Marches Ahead in Sri Lanka

  6. Refugee Watch : Scrutinizing the Land Resettlement Scheme in Bhutan :

  7. Refugee Watch : Mohajirs: The Refugees By Choice

  8. Rethinking Palestinians abroad as a Diaspora : Sari Hanafi

  9. Partition- Memory Begins where History End : P.K. Bose

  10. Refugee Watch : Who went where and How are they doing? : Pakistanis and Indians outside South Asia.


Gendered nature of forced migration, victimhood, and gender-justice   


  1. Internally Displaced Women from Kashmir: The Role of UNHCR

  2. Sri Lankan Tamil Refugee Women in India : Asha Hans

  3. A Community of Widow : Missing citizens

  4. Speaking for Themselves : Partition History, Women’s Histories : Borders and Boundaries : Women in India’s Partition

  5. Refugee Watch : Dislocated Subjects : The story of Refugee Women

  6. Refugee Watch : Afghan Women In Iran

  7. Refugee Watch : Refugee Women of Bhutan

  8. War and Its Impact on Women in Sri Lanka

  9. UNHCR Policy on Refugee women

  10. Select UNICEF Policy Recommendation on the Gender Dimensions of Internal Displacement. Dislocating the Women and Making the Nation

  11. Queer Strangers : Lesbian and Gay refugees

  12. Maternity Care needs of refugee and Asylum Seeking Women in Ireland.

  13. Bosnian Refugee women in (re) settlement: Gender Relations & Social Mobility.

  14. Refugee Women & Children In India : Asha Hans.

  15. Repatriation of Sri Lankan Refugees from India : Asha Hans

  16. Not in the Numbers, domestic Violence and Immigrant Women.

  17. Between Myth & Reality

  18. Part I : Our Women, your Women : The Other Side of Silence; Voices from the Partition of India.

  19. No Borders : The Case Against Immigration Control.

  20. Margins : The Other Side of Silence, Voices from the Partition of India.

  21. Reintegrating The Displaced, Refracturing the Domestic: A Report on the Experiences of Uday Villa: Bolon Gangopadhyay (Refugees In West Bengal : Ed. Pradip Kumar Bose).

  22. Refugee Watch : Wounded Reality: My Life as a Refugee – Translation : Meghna Guhathakurta

  23. Refugee Watch : Widows of Brindaban : Memories of Partition

  24. Refugee Watch : Afghan Refugee Women in Pakistan

  25. Refugee Watch : Refugee Updates : South Asia

  26. Residential Segregation : Refugee and Immigrant Women

  27. North Meets South : Marilo Nunez

  28. Where Do They Belong? The “Fate” of  Chinese Immigrant Women

  29. Borders and Boundaries : Learning to Survive

  30. Exile : Marta Raquel Zabaleta : Like a Duck In An Alien Puddle

  31. Escaping Conflict : Afghan Women In Transit : Asha Hans.


International regime of protection, sovereignty and the principle of responsibility, and political issues relating to regional trends in migration in South Asia


  1. International Refugee Law : A Reader : B.S. Chimni

  2. Asylum for All: Refugee protection in the 21st Century

  3. The Geopolitics of Refugee Studies : A View from the South

  4. Globalization, Humanitarianism & the Erosion of Refugee Protection.

  5. Refugees & the State : Practices of Asylum & Care in India, 1947-2000

  1. The Changing Nature of Refugee Crisis : Tapan K. Bose

  2. The Inadequacies of International Regime for the protection of Refugees



Resource politics, environmental degradation, and forced migration


  1. Refugee Watch : Development Induced Displacement in Pakistan.

  2. Laila Mehta : Engendering Resettlement & Rehabilitation policies and programs in India.

  3. Refugees & the State : Uprooted Twice : Refugees from CHT.

  4. The Marginal Nation : Transborder Migrations from Bangladesh to West Bengal



Internal displacement - causes, linkages, and responses


  1. Masses In Flight: The Global Crisis of Internal Displacement

  2. Global Overview

  3. Citizens & Denizens : Ethnicity, Homelands & the Crisis of Displacement in N.E. India

  4. Foreword to the Guiding Principles by Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs Mr. Sergio Vieira de Nello

  5. Refugee Survey Quarterly

  6. Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement : Annotations by Walter Kalin.


Ethics and Practices of Care and Protection in South Asia


  1. Economic & Political Weekly: State, Identity Movements & Internal Displacement in the North-East.

  2. Refugee Watch : Post-Amsterdam Migration Policy and European Citizenship

  3. Refugee Watch : How Can One Be Muslim In French?

  4. Refugee Watch : Power, Fear, Ethics.

  5. Society in the Brahmaputra Valley : Monirul Hussain