Readings 2004

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Nationalism, ethnicity, racism, and xenophobia



  1. Refugee & The State : Ed. Ranabir Samaddar

  2. State Response to Refugee Crisis / Samir Kumar Das

  3. Birth of Social Security Commitments : What Happened in the West / Ritu Menon

  4. Aliens in a Colonial World / Paula Banerjee 


  1. "The Nation’s Two Subjects" (from Biography of the Indian Nation: 1947-1997) / Ranabir  Samaddar           

  2.  "War and Territory in South Asia" / Itty Abraham

  3.  “Partition - Memory Begins Where History Ends" (from, Ranabir Samaddar, ed., Reflections of Partition in the East) / Pradip Kr. Bose


  1. RW.: Displacing the People the Nation Marches Ahead in Sri Lanka

  2. RW.: Mohajirs : The Refugees By Choice


Gendered nature of forced migration, vulnerability, and justice



  1. Refugee & The State : Ed. Ranabir Samaddar
    Refugee Women and Children In India / Asha Hans  

  2. International Refugee Law : A Reader : Ed. B.S. Chimni
    Social Group : Gender, Pgs. 34-50
    Guidelines on Protection of Refugee Women, Pgs. 190-192


  1. UNHCR : Guidelines on International Protection : Gender Related Persecution

  2. South Asian Refugee Watch, “Internally Displaced Women from Kashmir : The Role of the UNHCR” / Asha Hans

  3. A Community of Widows: Missing Citizens: Borders and Boundaries: Women in India’s Partition / Ritu Menon & Kamla Bhasin

  4. Speaking for Themselves: Partition History, Women’s Histories: Borders and Boundaries: Women in India’s Partition / Ritu Menon & Kamla Bhasin

  5. Feminist Review: “Maternity Care Needs of Refugee and Asylum Seeking Women In Ireland” / Patricia Kennedy & Jo Murphy-Lawless

  6. Feminist Review, “No Borders: The Case Against Immigration Control” / Teresa Hayter

  7. Canadian Women Studies, “Residential Segregation : Refugee and Immigrant Women”

  8. Our Women, Your Women : The Other Side of Silence / Urvashi Butalia

  9. Canadian Women Studies, “Not in the Numbers – Domestic Violence and Immigrant Women” / Susan McDonald

  10. Bulletin on IHL & Refugee Law, “Repatriation of Sri Lankan Refugees from India” / Asha Hans


  1. UNHCR Policy on Refugee Women

  2. Select UNICEF Policy Recommendation on the Gender Dimensions of Internal Displacement

  3. CEDAW :

  4. RW.: Dislocated Subjects : The Story of Refugee Women

  5. RW.: War and Its Impact on Women in Sri Lanka

  6. RW : Afghan Women In Iran

  7. RW.: Refugee Women of Bhutan

  8. RW.: Rohingya Women – Stateless and Oppressed in Burma

  9. RW.: Dislocating the Women and Making the Nation


International, regional, and the national regimes of protection, sovereignty, and the principle of responsibility 



  1. Refugee & The State : Ed. Ranabir Samaddar
    Role of UNHCR in India / Sarbani Sen
    State of Refugees in India : Strategic Ambiguity / B.S. Chimni

  2. International Refugee Law : A Reader : Ed. B.S. Chimni
    Who is a Refugee?, Pgs. 1-81
    Asylum, Pgs. 82-160
    Rights and Duties of a Refugee, Pgs. 161-209


  1. Harvard International Review, “Asylum for All : Refugee Protection in the 21st Century” / Rudd Lubbers

  2. Journal of Refugee Studies, “The Geopolitics of Refugee Studies” / B.S. Chimni

  3. Journal of Refugee Studies, “Globalization, Humanitarianism and the Refugee Protection” / B.S. Chimni

  4. “The Changing Nature of Refugee Crisis” (from, Tapan Bose & Rita Manchanda, ed., State, Citizen And Outsiders) / Tapan Bose

  5. “The inadequacies of international regime for the protection of refugees” (from,   ) / J.M. Castro-Magluff


  1. F-e-material 1 – International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law
    Document printed from the website of the ICRC.
    International Committee of the Red Cross

  2. F-e-material 2 –“A Patchwork Protection Regime; Internal Displacement in International Law and Institutional Practice” / David Fisher

  3. Convention Against Torture 
    CAT :  



Resource politics, environmental degradation, and forced migration



  1. Refugee & The State : Ed. Ranabir Samaddar

  2. Uprooted Twice : Refugees from the Chittagong Hill Tracts / Sabyasachi Basu Ray Chaudhury


  1. Economic & Political Weekly, “Ethnic Politics and Land Use : Genesis of Conflicts in India’s North-East” / Sanjay Barbora

  2. “Agrarian Impasse and the Making of an Immigrant Niche" (from, Ranabir Samaddar, The Marginal Nation : Transborder Migration from Bangladesh to West Bengal) 


  1. D-e-material 1 – “Globalization, Class and Gender Relations : The Shrimp Industry In South-western Bangladesh” / Meghna Guhathakurta

  2. D-e-material 2 – Report of Workshop on Engendering Resettlement & Rehabilitation Policies and Programmes in India

  3. RW : Development Induced Displacement in Pakistan,



Internal displacement - causes, linkages, and responses



  1. Exodus Within Borders : An Introduction to the Crisis of Internal Displacement 

  1. Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement

  2. Guiding Principles On Internal Displacement : Annotations / Walter Kalin

  3. Refugee Survey Quarterly:
    Internal Displacement in Pakistan /Syed Sikander Mehdi
    Integrating Protection & Assistance Working with Internally Displaced Persons in Sri Lanka / Bo Schak
    International Standards of Protection Versus the Effects of Two Decades of War on the Afghan People / Marcus J. Dolder
    Internal Displacement in Afghanistan : Coping Strategies and Gender Differences – Applying International Human Rights Standards / Judy A. Benjamin
    Comments on the Case of Afghanistan / Ahmad Fahim Hakim

  4. Introduction : Masses in Flight : The Global Crisis of Internal Displacement : Roberta Cohen and Francis M. Deng

  5. Global Overview

  6. EPW : State, Identity Movements & Internal Displacement in the North East : Monirul Hussein

  7. Citizens & Denizens : Ethnicity, Homelands and the Crisis of Displacement in N.E. India / Sanjib Baru\

  1. The Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement

  2. E-material: Protection of Internally Displaced Persons: Inter-Agency Standing Committee Policy Paper

  3. E-e-material2: Sovereignty as Responsibility: The Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement/ Roberta Cohen

  4. E-e-material3:An Overview of Revisions to the World Bank Resettlement Policy


Ethics of care and justice 



  1. Refugee & The State : Ed. Ranabir Samaddar
    The Genocide of 1971 and the Refugee Influx in the East / K.C. Saha

  2. International Refugee Law : A Reader : Ed. B.S. Chimni
    Persecution, Pgs. 27-30
    Fear, Pgs. 15-27


  1. RW : Post-Amsterdam Migration Policy and European Citizenship / Catherine Wihtol De Wenden


  1. RW.: How Can One Be Muslim In French?

  2. RW.:  Power, Fear & Ethics

  3. The World Bank and Human Rights: The Need for Greater Accountability

  4. The Historical and Ethical Origins of Human Rights, Refugee, and Humanitarian Law and What They Mean for Practice Today