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Sixth Annual Research & Orientation Workshop on Global Protection of Migrants and Refugees 
(Kolkata, 15 November – 20November 2021)

Concept Note 

The environs of the Calcutta Research Group (CRG)—the city, the nation, and the region—have witnessed momentous episodes of human displacement and population movements. CRG’s decision to devote itself to the study of migration—its forced dimension in particular— was, therefore, an organic outcome of its twenty-five-year-long engagement with socio-political issues. The Research and Orientation Workshop and Conference is the vital expression of this sustained devotion. The annual event is pivotal to CRG’s aspiration to voice the experiences, opinions and discontents of the South in global discussions on the subject, and has responded vigorously to the increased vulnerabilities of forced migrants. Focusing on the issue of protection and its ethics, recent editions of the event probed the adequacy of the two Global Compacts of 2018 and were successful in addressing several challenges facing the protection framework such as institutional dynamics and the changes therein, fault lines in the global protection map, and statelessness. When the pandemic arrived, CRG examined the perilous situation of migrants, forced or otherwise. It also brought out through its research the vulnerability of all working migrant population groups and the critical question of their access to public health. The forthcoming workshop and conference will advance CRG’s recent involvements, and attend to both persistent and emergent issues in migrant protection.

The Kolkata Declaration, adopted during the Third Research and Orientation Workshop in 2018, is an evidence of the possibilities of the Research and Orientation Workshop and Conference. The Declaration—valuable for its understanding of the gravity and nuances of migration in the present period, its articulation of the South Asian milieu of this phenomenon, its expression of solidarity with the victims of forced displacement, and its assessment of international efforts to ameliorate the distress of such uprootedness—portrayed the perch from which CRG views migration, and reinforced its identity as an informed interlocutor on the subject. Prepared in the wake of the two Global Compacts (the Global Compact on Refugees; the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and regular Migration), the matters to which the Declaration turned its attention are fundamental to CRG’s research agenda and its valued association with the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung and the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM), Vienna. It also provides a robust starting point to envisage CRG’s future trajectory in studying migration, including the imminent Sixth Annual Research and Orientation Workshop and Conference.

The six-day event comprises a four-day workshop and a two-day conference. Deliberations during the event will center on the six modules mentioned below, and will bring together young researchers and experts from the humanities and social sciences to provide an immersive and enriching encounter with the study of migration and forced displacement. The young researchers will conduct their studies under the active guidance of their respective module coordinators, who are esteemed academics.

Module A: Protection and Punishment (race, caste, and policing);
Coordinator- Nasreen Chowdhory, Delhi University, Delhi & CRG.

Module B: Migrant workers and the refugee: complicated terrains of welfare and asymmetric social protection;
Coordinator: Manish K. Jha, TISS, Mumbai & CRG and Mouleshri Vyas, TISS, Mumbai & CRG.

Module C: Refugees and migrants as subjects of economics, politics, and gender division;
Coordinators- Ranabir Samaddar, CRG and Arup Sen, Serampore College, Kolkata & CRG.

Module D: Forced Migration, law and critical jurisprudence;
Coordinator – Sabyasachi Basu Ray Chaudhury, CRG & Rabindra Bharati University.

Module E: Derogation of rights of refugees and migrants, and situations of statelessness;
Coordinator- Parivelan K. M., TISS, Mumbai & CRG.

Module F: Protection Ethics and Practices of Care and Solidarity
Coordinator- Samir Kumar Das, University of Calcutta & CRG.





Research & Orientation Workshop on Global Protection of Migrants & Refugees

Kolkata, 15-20 November 2021

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