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Global Protection of Refugees and Migrants in 2023

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Global Protection of Refugees and Migrants in 2023

Updation of the Handbook of the Keywords on Refugee and Migration Studies


Keywords on Refugee and Forced Migration Studies

The handbook aims at a compilation and brief explication of key terms used in the multidisciplinary field of refugee and forced migration studies. There have been significant debates, contributions, and interpretations in recent years which have reshaped the way academia analyses and maps refugee and migration studies, at the same time, expanding its scope. Research on refugees and forced migrants has had a long history cutting across disciplines, exploring multiple dynamics such as forced and voluntary movements, displacement and dispossession, heterogeneity and agency of forced migrants, human rights, humanitarianism and protection and practice and policy. In addition, academics, policy makers and practitioners are contending with the diverse challenges posed by a global pandemic as it permeates the refugee and migrant space exacerbating the precarious state of public health, particularly in the global south with far reaching consequences.

At this critical juncture/crossroads as migrant and refugee studies as a field of enquiry is rapidly expanding and diversifying, concomitantly, its terminology is constantly evolving to keep pace with the burgeoning discipline, which found its moorings as a separate entity in the early 1980s. With the development of refugee and forced migration studies, academic research as well as advocacy in terms of rights of migrants and refugees have acquired a global reach which in turn has induced the emergence of a rapidly growing literature focussed on the same, including handbooks devoted to the study of refugees and forced migrants from an interdisciplinary perspective. In comparison, the vocabulary or terminology of refugee and forced migration studies, which has amplified by leaps and bounds in scope and importance has not yet found a separate, focussed and comprehensive compendium dedicated to itself. The proposed Handbook of keywords on Refugee and Forced Migration intends to fill this lacunae/void.

The proposed Handbook would be arranged alphabetically thereof. The definition/explanation would be within the range of 200 to 500 words.

The edition will be revised and updated in every six months. The updated version of Keywords is available in the CRG website. CLICK HERE

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