Aims & Objectives

1. To act in the areas of girl child education and women’s health, and pursue research and other activities for dissemination and implementation of various measures relevant in the areas of protection and advancement of women education and health – a field in which Krishna Bhattacharya worked in her life.
To act in the area of nursing and caring for patients who are victims of Alzheimer’s like Krishna Bhattacharya.
To act in the area of all domains relevant to the above mentioned three objectives. The Trust intends to build an institution and centre of girl child education, care and nursing of victims of Alzheimer’s. 
The Trust shall seek funding from national, International, Governmental, and Non- Governmental Bodies alike to further its mandates, so as to facilitate its goals mentioned above.
With these above mentioned purposes, the Trust will take all necessary action in regard to national and international legislations, conventions, rules, recommendations and regulations, their furtherance and observance in the interest of the aims and objects of the TRUST and its overall development.
To provide such legal advice and service for TRUSTEES as may be considered necessary or desirable.
To promote the sharing of knowledge on all aspects of the aims and objects of the TRUST by means of information exchange programmes.
To take financial decisions, whether commercial or otherwise, which are considered by the TRUST to further the all round interest of aims and objects of the TRUST and its development.
To organize sessions and programmes to enhance the aims and objectives of the TRUST such as training and orientation sessions on care and nursing of victims of dementia, and to undertake income generating programmes on the basis of these activities to enhance the objectives of the TRUST.
For all or any of the above objects this Trust by its BOARD OF TRUSTEES shall have power inter- alia:- 
(i) To utilize subscriptions, entrance fees, or income from all sources and money invested by the TRUST.
(ii) To own, purchase or lease, mortgage or otherwise deal with lands or property.
(iii) To raise funds by borrowing money or any real or personal property of the TRUST or otherwise.
(iv) To create and furnish building as may be considered necessary or desirable.
(v) To establish benefit schemes, contributory or otherwise, for the benefit of aims and objects of the TRUST.
(vi) To invest in the name of the Trustees all association moneys and funds in such securities, shares, debenture, mortgages and loans including commercial and industrial undertaking as the trust may determine.
(vii) To hire and employ various kinds of staff, appropriate to the aims of the TRUST and to pay them remuneration, salary or honorarium as may be necessary.

For the purpose of fulfilling any object there may be established out of the Trust Fund or assets as and when the Trust determine to separate funds as may be deemed necessary. If separate fund or funds are established the accounts of such shall be separate.
To further the overall interest and development of the Trust in all legitimate ways and to employ fund of the TRUST that may be deemed desirable by the TRUSTEES for all objects and benefits hereinbefore or hereinafter provided.