Additional Readings and/or Lecture Texts for
Ninth Annual Orientation Course on Forced Migration 2011

(1-15 December)



Dear Participants,

Please find below the additional readings and lecture texts suggested by faculty mambers for the classes to be held during 1-15 December 2011.


AdditionalReading Material (E-version)


For All Four Modules  


1, “Development, Displacement and International Ethics”, Peter Penz,

2. “In Life, In Death: Power and Rights”, Ranabir Samaddar, Seminar, Annual Number 2003;  

3. "Power, Fear, Ethics" / Ranabir Samaddar, in Refugee Watch, No. 14

4. REFUGEE WATCH, “Displacing the People the Nation Marches Ahead in Sri Lanka”, Bandita Sijapati, No. 15, September, 2001

5. Voiceless Citizens: A case study of Internally Displaced Persons in Nepal by Som Prasad Niroula

6. Protection Regimes – International and National by Patrick Hoenig

7. Need for Fresh Look at 1951 Convention and Relevance of Post Colonial Experiences by K.M.Parivelan

8. A Fresh Look at the 1951 Convention and the Relevance of Post-Colonial Experiences by Patrick Hoenig

9. War and Protracted Displacement in Sri Lanka by Senaka Bandara Dissanayake

10. The Protracted Refugee Life of the Sri Lankan Tamils by Gladston Xavier

11. Making Sense of Climate Change, Natural Disasters, and Displacement: A Work in Progress by Elizabeth G. Ferris

12. “Ethnic Politics and Land Use: Genesis of Conflicts in India’s North-East” / Sanjay Barbora in Economic & Political Weekly, March 30, 2002

13. Benoit F, (2010), ‘Economic Migration and Family Separation’, Issue 33 of Alliance News - Beyond Anti-Trafficking Frameworks: Linkages between Trafficking, Migration, Gender, Labour and Globalisation pp.39 to 42

14. India: A National Refugee Law Would Equalize Protection on the Refugees International web site

15. Forgotten People: Upcountry Tamils from Sri Lanka living in refugee camps in India on the Refugees International web site

16. Sri Lanka – Schools struggle to recover in Batticaloa on the Refugees International web site,


E-Reading Material from RW online

1. “Contesting Statelessness: Comparative Perspectives of Tibetans and Rohingiyas in India and Bangladesh”, Discussion Note by Nasreen Chowdhury, 13 August 2010, Venue: CRG Seminar Room

[To listen to the full lecture text, please go to -]

2. “Unheard Voices: The Stateless Chakmas in Arunachal Pradesh”, Anasua Basu Ray Chaudhur,

3.  “Rohingyas: Nobody’s People in Noman’s Land”, Subir Bhaumik,

Post Return Vulnerabilities among the Displaced Women in Sri Lanka”, Pakkeer Mohideen Mohamed Feroz,

5.  Access to Health Care for Refugees in New Delhi” , Sahana Basavapatna