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The Calcutta Research Group have Published Nine New Research Papers on International Workshop & Conference in Migration and Forced Migration Studies


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Policies and Practices 120

COVID-19, Migrants, Media

Essays by Rajat Roy and Ritambhara Malaviya  



Policies and Practices 119

Culture, Migration and the Time of an Epidemic: The Nautanki Theatres/ Bhojpuri Nataks in the 1990s

Essay by Rajat Kanti Sur  



Policies and Practices 118

Media Discourses on the Bengal Bangladesh Border

Essay by Paula Banerjee 



Policies and Practices 117

Transition without Justice in the Postcolonial World: Protection Discourses for Refugees and Migrants in South Asia

Essay by Sabyasachi Basu Ray Chaudhury


Policies and Practices 116

Media on Migrants: Report from the Field-II

Essays by
Amit Sengupta, Abhijnan Sarkar & Swati Bhattacharjee , Geetika Mishra


Policies and Practices 115

Media on Migrants: Report from the Field-I


Essay by Debashis Aich


Policies and Practices 114

Biometrics, Notion of Governmentality and Gender Relations in Rohingya Refugee Camps


Essays by Shamna Thacham Poyil & Nasreen Chowdhory


Policies and Practices 113

The Invisible Migrant Workers: In Life, In Death


Essays by Francis Adaikalam and Piya Srinivasan


Policies and Practices 112

Two Writings on Climate, Disasters and Displacement


Essays by Sohini Sengupta & Jyothi Krishnan