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The Calcutta Research Group have Published Nine New Research Papers on International Workshop & Conference in Migration and Forced Migration Studies


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  Policies and Practices 129

Brecht, Manto and Two Situations

Essay by
Ranabir Samaddar

  Policies and Practices 128

Election Campaigns as Performance: Migrants and Refugees as an Issue in West Bengal Elections


Essay by
Rajat Kanti Sur

  Policies and Practices 127

Development and Displacement in the Damodar Valley of India


Essay by
Shatabdi Das

  Policies and Practices 126

Two Essays on the Rohingya Crisis


Essays by
Sreetapa Chakrabarty , Salwa Jahan


Policies and Practices 125

Migrants, Refugees, and the Contested Question of Social Protection

Essays by
Manish K Jha & Mouleshri Vyas  


Policies and Practices 124

Protection and Punishment: Myths and Realities of Refugee Protection


Essay by Nasreen Chowdhory  


Policies and Practices 123

Two Essays on Ethics and Practices of Care and Solidarity


Essays by Samir Kumar Das & Ranabir Samaddar


Policies and Practices 122

COVID-19 and After: Work, Life and Salience of Primitive Accumulation


Essay by Ronak Chhabra


Policies and Practices 121

Refugees and Migrants as Subjects of Economy and Politics


Essay by Ranabir Samaddar