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Refugee Watch Catalogue (1998 - 2017)

Issue no. 1 to issue no. 49 can be downloaded

Issue No. 49 June 2017  for View CLICK HERE

The Flipside of the Integration Question: Guest Worker Regimes and Temporary Circular/Managed Migration in History by Mahua Sarkar

On the Creation and Accommodation of the Misery of the World: The Case of the Sans-Papiers by Simon Behrman

The Marginal Refugee in the ‘Migrant Crisis’: Crisis, Othering and Border Walls in Mainstream Western Media Discourse by Manish Jha & M. Ibrahim Wani  

The Migrant as a Political Object: “Guests” in Turkey, EU Debates and the Middle Eastern Conundrum by Anita Sengupta

The Shifting Logics of Reorganisation: Defining Identities and their Borders in Colonial Sylhet by Debarati Bagchi  

Changes in Border Policy and Border Identities: Post LBA Transitions in the Former Bangladeshi Enclaves in Cooch Behar, India  by Anuradha Sen Mookerjee

Book Review by Pamela Philipose


Issue No. 48 December 2016  for View CLICK HERE

Introduction: Syrians are Coming? Reframing the Syrian Refugee Crisis by Nergis Canefe

Politics and Policy: Syrian Refugees and the European Union by Priya Singh

Guests to Neighbours: The Difficulty of Naming Syrians in Turkey by Pınar Uyan Semerci &Emre Erdoğan 

The Politics of Mobility on Lesvos, Greece: A Critical Scholarly View from The Beach, The Camp, and The City by Kathryn E. T. Dennler

Syrian Refugees’ Reception in Southern Europe: The Shifting Content of the Right to Asylum in Lesvos, Sicily and Melilla by Chiara Denaro  

Performing the Migration  by Belma Kurtişoğlu, Selda Öztürk & Hussain Hajj

Migration as a Necessity: Contextualising the European Response to the Syrian Exodus by Nergis Canefe 

Commentary on Canada’s Reception of Syrian Refugees by Howard Adelman 

Book Review by Meghna Guhathakurta                     



Issue No. 47 June 2016  for View CLICK HERE

Editorial: On Gender, Development, and Resistance in South Asia by Tiina Seppälä 

Resisting Borders: Mobilities, Gender, and Bodies Crossing the Mediterranean by Anitta Kynsilehto                                         

Gender, Development Induced Displacement, and Resistance: Women Uprooted by River Erosion in West Bengal and Bangladesh by Sreya Sen                                         

This Place is not ours:  Stateless Women and the Right to Citizenship in Nepal by Roopshree Joshi                                                     

Interrogating Political Society through Displacement and Vulnerability Risks through Comparative Case Studies in India  by Nanda Kishor M S                                                           

Special Article

Brus (Reangs) in Mizoram: The Unresolved Crises by Shyamalendu Mazumdar    



Issue No. 46 December 2015  for View CLICK HERE

A Lost Population? East India Company and Arkanese ‘Refugees’ in Chittagong by Anandaroop Sen                          
Becoming ‘Local’: Muslims and the Politics of the ‘Local’ and the ‘Non-local’ in Darjeeling Hills by Anup Shekhar Chakraborty
Partitions and the Sisyphean Making of Peoples by A. Dirk Moses
The Precarious Migrant: Issues of Ecology, Politics, and Survival by Ranabir Samaddar
Pluralisms of Law: India’s Place in the International Refugee Protection Regime by Jessica De Shanti                          
Book Review by Snehashish Mitra


Issue No. 45 June 2015  for View CLICK HERE

Introduction by Anita Sengupta

Post-Colonial State and Violence: Rethinking the Middle East and North Africa outside the Blindfold of Area Studies by Nergis Canefe   

A Syrian Exodus: The Case of Lebanon and Jordan by Priya Singh                        

‘Putting the Local Back in Uyghur History’: The Uyghur and Dungan Migrants of Central Asia by Suchandana Chatterjee  

Returnees in Afghanistan: Impediments to Reintegration by Arpita Basu Roy 

Marginality and Migration: The Plight of Persecuted Religious Minorities of Afghanistan by Anwesha Ghosh 

International Workshop on ‘Gender, Development, Resistance’, 7 to 8 June 2015, University of Lapland in Rovaniemi, Finland: A Report -Report-I Research Workshop on ‘Rohingyas in India: Birth of a Stateless Community’, August 13-14, 2015, Darjeeling: A Report - Report-II      

Book Review by Sreya Sen



Issue No. 43 & 44 June & December 2014  for View CLICK HERE

Accessing Refuge: India and its 1971 Refugee “Problem” by Peter Grbac 

The Plight of Dwelling: East-Bengali Refugees and the Struggle for Land in Kolkata by Annemiek Prins                                         

Legal Brief on Statelessness Law in the Indian Context by Charlotte-Anne Malischewski                       

Reducing Statelessness: A New Call for India  by Suvro Prosun Sarker 

Women in Post-Conflict Nepal: Engendering the Issues of Women IDPs in National Regimes by Gitta Shrestha 

In an Enclave Existence: Israel’s Palestinians by Priya Singh 

India-Bangladesh Cross Border Migration: A Human Rights Discourse by Vikash Kumar 

Report on ‘Gender, Empowerment and Conflict: A Conference on South Asia’ -Report-I 

A Report on a one day Workshop on ‘Bengal-Bangladesh Border: Humanitarian Issues’ -Report-II 

Book Review by Kaustubh Mani Sengupta



Issue No. 42 December 2013  for View CLICK HERE

Marginalization and Exclusion: Politics of Non-citizen Rights in Postcolonial South Asia by Nasreen Chowdhory
Reality of Protection: Case of Urban Refugees Residing in Nepal by Laxman Lamichhane
Methodological good fit; Limitations of Quantitative Methods in Forced Migration Studies by Mohamed Munas
Right to Return: The Tibetan and Bhutanese Refugees in Nepal by Amrita Limbu
Borders and Movements: People in the Borderlands of Central Asia by Anita Sengupta
Tibetans in India and Citizenship Rights: The Legal Battle by Shuvro Prosun Sarker
Reflections on the Decade of Forced Migration Studies-Report
Book Review by
Samata Biswas



Issue No. 41 June 2013  for View CLICK HERE

Proliferation of Borders and the Right to Escape by Sandro Mezzadra
IDP resettlement policies in post conflict Sri Lanka: Assessing the evidence-based context of the resettlement process with particular emphasis on IDP participation by Fathima Azmiya Badurdeen
The East Bengali Muslims in Assam and Rohingyas of Myanmar: Comparative Perspectives of Migration, Exclusion, Statelessness by Subir Bhaumik
, the Dispossessed by Nishi Pulugurtha
The Ethics of Recognition: Bearing Witness to Human Rights’ Violations in Australian Detention Centre Narratives by Maheyrin Chowdhury
A Report on the 14th Conference of the International Association for the Study of Forced Migration (IASFM 14) by Report
Book Review by Sarvani Gooptu



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