Additional Readings and/or Lecture Texts for
The Interrogating Forced Migration: A Research Workshop 2015




Additional Reading Materials- Module C 


1. The Insecure World of the Nation by Ranabir Samaddar

2. Circles of Insecurity by Paula Banerjee

3. Narrated Time and Constructed Space: Remembering the Communal Violence of 1950 in Hooghly by Anasua Basu Ray Chaudhury

4. The Bengal-Bangladesh Borderland: Chronicles from Nadia, Murshidabad and Malda by Paula Banerjee

5. Voices of Women in the Borderlands by Aditi Bhaduri

6. Bibliography



Additional Reading Materials- Module A & E  


 1. Humanitarian Innovation and Refugee Protection

 2. The Birth of a 'Discipline': From Refugee to Forced Migration Studies by B.S.Chimni

 3. Undocumented Migrants in Resistance against Detention: Comparative Observation on Germany and France by Christoph Tometten

 4. Refugees, Forced Resettles and 'Other Forced Migrants' : Towards a Unitary Study of Forced Migration by David Turton

 5. On Research and The Politics of Migrations: Views Out of Place by Giorgio Grappi

 6. Orchestrating Collective Action: Social Media and Human Rights by Ishita Dey

 7. Refugees and Humanitarianism by Itty Abrabam

 8. Refugee Status Determination Conducted by UNHCR

 9. A Note on Concept and Methods in Forced Migration Studies by Ranabir Samaddar

 10. Environmental Change and Chronic Famine in Manbhum, Bengal District, 1860-1910 by Nirmal Kumar Mahato

 11. Environment and Migration, Purulia, West Bengal by Nirmal Kumar Mahato

 12. Protocols for Fieldwork

 13. In Search of a Methodology of Forced Migration Studies by Samir Kumar Das

 14. Colonialism, Resource Crisis and Forced Migration by Subhas Ranjan Chakraborty

 15. Lower Strata, Older Races, and Aboriginal Peoples: Racial Anthropology and Mythical History Past and Present by Sumit Guha



Additional Reading Materials- Module D


1.    Briefing the Burmese Rohingya Crisis on World Refugee Day Edited by M.S.K Jilani (USA) & Sadek    (Malaysia)

2.    Bangladesh Country of Origin Information (COI) Report by COI Service

3.     Arakan Rohingya Union (ARU) Formed- Report in Brunei Times

4.     A Critical Analysis of Refugee Protection in South Asia by Veerbhadran Vijayakumar

5.     Comparing the Impacts of Local People and Rohingya Refugees on Teknaf Game Reserve by Salim Uddin and Arfin Khan

6.     Hear our Screams-Making a case for the Rohingya Genocide by Schabas

7.     Is Citizenship the Answer-Constructions of belonging by Pugh

8.     Myanmar-The Roots of Ethnic Conflict and Civil Unrestin Rakhine State

9.     Preying on the Rohingya-Reuters Report

10. Refugee Situation in South Asia-Need of A Regional Mechanism by Narayan Sharma

11. Refugee Protection and Regional Cooperation in Southeast Asia by Mathew and Harley

12. Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and Thailand-Danish Immigration Service

13. Sanctuary Under a Plastic Sheet-Grundy-Warr and Wong

14. Statelessness-Forced Migration Review Issue No. 32

15. The Rohingya Crisis- ECHO fact sheet

16. The Rohingya Issue-A Thorny Obstacle between Myanmar and Bangladesh by Nemoto

17. The Rohingya-From Stateless to Refugee by Imtiaz Ahmad

18. Tradition and Modernity in Myanmar-Gartner and Lorenz

19. Defining Myanmar’s “Rohingya Problem” by Benjamin Zawacki

Additional Reading Materials- Module B

1.    Afghan Trans National Networks: Looking Beyond Repatriation by Alessandro Monsutti

2.    Why do children undertake the unaccompanied journey by Chona R. Echavez; Jennefer Lyn L. Bagaporo; Leah Wilfreda RE Pilongo; Shukria Azadmanesh

3.     Searching For My Homeland: Dilemmas Between Borders EXPERIENCES OF YOUNG AFGHANS RETURNING “HOME” FROM PAKISTAN AND IRAN by Mamiko Saito

4.     2015 UNHCR sub regional operations profile - Central Asia

5.     Diary of an Uzbek Gastarbeiter by Mumin Shakirov

6.      Forced Migration of Syrians to Jordan: An Exploratory Study

7.     By Mohamed Olwan; Ahmad Shiyab

8.     Crisis in Lebanon: camps for Syrian refugees? by Jeremy Loveless

9.      ‘Migration and Security’ by William Walters

10.    POPULATION MIGRATION IN UZBEKISTAN (1989-1998) by Alikhan Aman

11.    Repatriation to Afghanistan: durable solution or responsibility shifting? by Susanne Schmeidl

12.    Return Migration and Development Nexus: Casual Labourers of Kabul by Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization

13.    Security, Stability, and International Migration by Myron Weiner

14. The Emerging Migration State' by James F. Hollifield