Public Lectures & Seminars

Public Lectures, 2021

Meghna Guhathakurta, Executive Director, Research Initiatives Bangladesh, Dhaka  , "Fleeing and Staying: A nuanced view of the Bangladesh Refugee Crises of 1971", 04 June [Live-Streamed on our Facebook page: CLICK HERE ]

Ranabir Samaddar, Distinguished Chair in Migration and Forced Migration Studies, Calcutta Research Group  , "Borders and Mobility", 03 April


Public Lectures, 2020

Bharat Bhushan, Eminent journalist; Member, Calcutta Research Group  , "COVID 19 and Migrant Labour: Laws, Policies, Practices", 30 July

Kalpana Kannabiran, Director, Council for Social Development, Hyderabad; Member, Calcutta Research Group  , "COVID 19 and Migrant Labour: Laws, Policies, Practices", 30 July

Paula Banrejee, Professor, University of Calcutta; Mmember, Calcutta Research Group  , "Redrawn Borders, Redefined Lives", 08 July

Sandro Mezzadra, Associate Professor, University of Bologna  , "Redrawn Borders, Redefined Lives", 08 July

Samita Sen, Vere Harmsworth Professor of Imperial and Naval History, University of Cambridge; member of Calcutta Research Group  , "Public Health Crisis and Sudden Visibility of Migrant Workers", 12 June

Ranabir Samaddar, Distinguished Chair, Migration and Forced Migration Studies, Calcutta Research Group , "Public Health Crisis and Sudden Visibility of Migrant Workers ", 12 June

Distinguished Lectures SERIES

J.Peter Burgess, Professor at Peace Research Institute Oslo and Senior Researcher at the Institute for European Studies of the Vrije Universiteit Brussels " What is Critical Migration Studies? ", 30 September, 2012.

Walter Kaelin, Bern University, and Form Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for the Protection of the Rights of the IDPs, Switzerland, "Climate Change Induced Displacement : A Challenge for International Law", 15 December, 2010.

David Ludden, Professor of Department of History, New York University " Spatial Reorganization of North Eastern Parts of British India,1905 to Present ", 12 September, 2009.

Etienne Balibar, Emeritus Professor of Moral and Political Philosophy, Paris X Naterre and Distinguished Professor of Humanities, University of California, Irvine," Justice and Equality-A Political Dilemma?", 21 September, 2007.

Jayanta Dasgupta Memorial Lectures SERIES

Walden Bello, Professor, State University of New York at Binghamton, USA, " Labour Trafficking: Modern-day Slave Trade", 20th November 2021. (Ninth Jayanta Dasgupta Memorial Lectures

Rajendran Narayanan, Azim Premji University, " The Slow Poisoning of NREGA: How a Rural Lifeline can be Stifled by a Technocratic Government", 09 October 2020 (Eighth Jayanta Dasgupta Memorial Lectures) || Report of the Lecture Published in Refugee Watch Online

Ravi Ahuja, Professor, Centre for Modern Indian Studies, University of Gottingen, Germany, " The Natives of the S. S. Egypt: Steamship Workers and Racial Management in the British Empire", 29 March 2019 (Seventh Jayanta Dasgupta Memorial Lectures)

Mithilesh Kumar, Researcher, TISS, Patna, Arup Kumar Sen, Eminent Labour Researcher, Prabhu Mohapatra, Renowned Labour Historian -A Book Discussion on Ranabir Samaddar’s The Crisis of 1974 Railway Strike and the Rank and File, September 07, 2017 (Sixth Jayanta Dasgupta Memorial Lectures)

Lawrence Liang, Legal Researcher and Co-founder, Alternative Law Forum, “Bright Lights and Shadows : Histories and Politics of Labour and Law in the Indian Film Industry”, May 04, 2016 (Fifth Jayanta Dasgupta Memorial Lectures)

Prafulla Chakraborty, Eminent activist and trade-unionist “Autonomous Labour Movement in West Bengal”, 20 February, 2015 (Fourth Jayanta Dasgupta Memorial Lectures)

Naba Dutta, Eminent labour and human rights activist, “Paschim Banglay Sramik Andoloner Bartaman Paristhiti (Present Situation of the Labour Movement in West Bengal)”, August 20, 2013 (Third Jayanta Dasgupta Memorial Lectures)

Samita Sen, Director, Professor, School of Women’s Studies, Jadavpur University “ Kulikahini and Other Stories: Gender and Nationalism in Assam Recruitment, 1880-1910”, July 27, 2012 (Second Jayanta Dasgupta Memorial Lectures)

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Friday Lectures@CRG

Calcutta Research Group is initiating a new lecture series, Friday Lectures@ CRG, to be held on the third Friday of every month. The aim of this lecture series is to provide a platform for scholars, students and activists to present parts/ whole of their new research/work.

CRG is inviting abstracts (of not more than 300 words) from scholars, students and activists along with a short bio-note. The abstracts submitted have to go through a screening process and on final selection will be presented by the respective researcher before a worthy audience. You can mail your abstracts to Subhashree Rout at . 
     Friday Lectures Report 2019 ... Click Here
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