Publications / Reports


Journal: Refugee Watch

CRG's journal was founded in 1998 to document the flows of forced migration with a focus on South Asia. Innovative in it's creation, Refugee Watch continues to be an important space for the discussion of displacement and forced migration.


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Online Journal: Refugee Watch Online

CRG maintains an online co-publication of Refugee Watch, which presents brief news, reports, views, and comments to draw political and social attention to the human rights of the forcibly displaced. 

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Research Papers :Policies and Practices

CRG publishes a series of research papers with the aim of disseminating important work and findings for discussion among scholars,  researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and activists.

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CRG has published an impressive and extensive range of books, including monographs, readers, and edited volumes.  

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Distinguished Lecture Series

CRG's Distinguished Lectures have brought some of the world's leading scholars to present their work in kolkata, including Etienne Balibar, David Ludden, Walter Kalin, and J. Peter Burgess. These  lectures have been published by CRG. Other CRG lectures series include Jayanta Dasgupta Memorial Lecture on Labour, Krishna Memorial Lecture on Girl Child and Friday Lecture for young researchers.  

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Research :Reports


CRG publishes reports about each of its research projects as well as conference reports, which all are made available online.  


A Brief Report on a Research on the Materialisation of Data as a Critical Component of Neoliberal Capitalism
Rohingyas : The Emergence of a Stateless Community
The State of the Global Protection System for Refugees and Migrants
Report on A Social Mapping of Infrastructure, Logistics and India's Look East Policy
Report on Popular Movement in West Bengal and Bihar
The Kolkata Workshop: Methodological Consideration from India
Cities, Rural Migrants and the Urban Poor: Issues of Violence and Social Justice - Hindi Version
Cities, Rural Migrants and the Urban Poor: Issues of Violence and Social Justice  - Bengali Version
The Ordinary City & Explorations of an Urban Future: A Report
Marx's Capital (Volume One)-Capital in the East-A Conference Report
Cities, Rural Migrants and the Urban Poor: Issues of Violence and Social Justice - English Version
Interrogating Forced Migration
Making Women Count for Peace
Humanitarian Aspects along the Indo-Bangladesh Border
On Governance and Peace-Building
On Development, Democracy,and Governance-Lessons and Policy Implications
On Social Justice
On Indian Autonomy
On Media and Human Rights
On Media and Displacement
On Winter Course on Forced Migration