Distinguished Chair on Migration and Forced Migration Studies

The Governing Body of Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group (CRG) took a resolution  in its 35th Governing Body Meeting held on 23 August 2015 to institute a Distinguished Chair on Migration and Forced Migration Studies and it was offered to Professor Ranabir Samaddar The resolution was also approved by the members of CRG in its 19th Annual General Meeting held on 23 August 2015. The acceptance speech by Professor Samaddar "Crisis in Greece: Europe's Post Colonial Destiny" was held at the Academy of Fine Arts on 3 October 2015  from 6 - 8pm. For details of the programme click here .





  Decentring the ‘Global’: A South Asian Migration Research Agenda LIDC Migration Leadership Team Global Migration Conversation Delhi, 22-23 May 2018
  Released on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 'The State of Refugees and Displaced People in Europe' is a summary of Refugee Rights Europe's key field research findings from 2017-2018
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  An article by Anne Mccall and Ravi Palat on Police Brutality towards Children and the Separation of Children from their Parents are not new in the U.S., The Hindu, June 28, 2018
  An article by Dr. Jeff Crisp on the new trend of premature repatriation of refugees by UNHCR. Dr. Crisp was formerly head of policy development and evaluation at UNHCR, and is currently affiliated to Chatham House and Oxford University’s Refugee Studies Center.
  Humane migration: A manifesto for change; An international group of scholars working with people in forced migration got together last month and drafted a manifesto on humane migration as a way to creatively work towards positive change.

Building workers: Gujarat official blames Rohingiya "infiltration"; only 20 of 877 deaths compensated since 2008, Counterview, April 27, 2018.


Susan Martin’s new blog about the Trump Administration’s misuse of Barbara Jordan’s legacy to support its misguided Immigration policies is available on the Center for Migration Studies website. Martin served as the ED of the US Commission on Immigration Reform.

http://cmsny.org/publications/martin-barbara-jordan/ ….

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  "Broken Men in Paradise: The world's refugee crisisknows no more sinister exercise in cruelty than Australia's island prisons" 
  Paris Authorities order volunteers to stop distributing food to refugees - http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/authorities-in-paris-order-volunteers-to-stop-distributing-food-to-refugees-a7584351.html
  Black Athena Reloaded 1: Ideas as Migrants, Our Common Ghosts with Christian Nyampeta and Isa´e Nzeyimana-
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