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Anne-Marie Autissier

Anne-Marie Autissier is a sociologist and teacher at Paris 8 University Institute of European Studies, in Sociology of Culture and Cultural European Policies. Since 1986, she has been a consultant for various European organizations (European Cultural Foundation, European Commission, French Ministry of Culture and Communication). She is Chief Editor of Culture Europe International, an electronic  magazine dedicated to Cultural policies and practices in Europe, with a trilingual access : French, English and Spanish. (www.culture-europe-international.org). Culture Europe International also publishes books. The Institute of European Studies takes part in various pan-European research groups among which EFRP (European Festivals Research Group, launched by Prof. Dragan Klaic) and an Intensive Cooperation Programme dedicated to a pluridisciplinary approach of  European Towns and their representations (together with Kiel University, Germany and other European universities). Anne-Marie Autissier`s current research orientation is the possibility of joint comparatives studies dealing with intercultural relationships, as well as cultural policies and strategies, between India and the European Union. 



  • “ Cultural networking in Europe ”, in ECA Report, Copenhagen, 2003  

  • « Politiques culturelles nationales et stratégies culturelles de l’Union européenne », in Le Dictionnaire critique, Groupe d’Etudes et de Recherches sur les Mondialisations, Paris, 2005  

  •  « Le traité constitutionnel et la diversité culturelle : avancées et limites », in Actes des Réalités européennes du présent, Bruxelles, 2005 

  • « Quel bilan et quelles perspectives pour la coopération universitaire entre l’Amérique latine et l’Union européenne ? », in L’Amérique latine, le Brésil et la nouvelle Union européenne, Université fédérale de Rio de Janeiro, Rio, 2006 

  • « Denis de Rougemont, Active Conscience of Cultural Europe », in Still so much to be done, Challenges for Culture in Europe, European Festivals Association Books, Ghent, 2006 

  • « L’Union européenne et la culture » in L’Union européenne, la Documentation française, Paris, 2007 

  • « Equity concrete issues in the European Union : the role of cultural and artistic associations », in Proceedings of Kolkata Research Group Critical Studies Conference, 2008 

  • « Intégration européenne et culture. Retour sur un parcours accidenté (1970 – 2007) », in Les lucarnes de l’Europe, Télévisions, cultures, identités, 1945 – 2005, Lévy Marie-Françoise et Sicard Marie-Noëlle (dir.), Publications de la Sorbonne, Paris, 2008 


  • La Fondation européenne de la Culture, Cinquante ans d’histoire, Fondation européenne de la Culture, Amsterdam, 2004 (English and French version) 

  • L’Europe de la culture, Histoire(s) et enjeux, Maison des Cultures du Monde/Actes Sud, 2005 

  • (dir.), L’Europe des festivals, de Zagreb à Edimbourg, points de vue croisés, Culture Europe International/Les Editions de l’Attribut, Toulouse, 2008 (English and French version) 

  • (dir.), Dialogue(s) interculturel(s) en Europe, Regards croisés sur l’Année européenne du Dialogue interculturel, Culture Europe International, Paris, 2008
    (English and French version)

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Eva PföstlThomas Benedikter

Economist and social researcher in Bozen (South Tyrol, Italy, 1957), graduated in Economics at the University of Munich (D) and in Political Economy at the University of Trento (I). Besides many years of professional activity in empirical social and economic research in his home region South Tyrol, since 1983 he has been continuously committed to activities in humanitarian co-operation projects and human rights NGO activities with particular regard to minority issues and indigenous peoples rights, peace and international conflict, information on North-South-issues. T.B. has been director of the South Tyrolean branch of the international NGO “Society for threatened Peoples” (based in Germany) and some other international solidarity initiatives. Committed to journalistic and humanitarian purposes he spent about two years with research and project activities in Latin America, the Balkans and South Asia (especially in Nepal, Kashmir and Sri Lanka) and is writing for several news-magazines and reviews. Since 2003 he is collaborating with the European Academy of Bozen (Department for autonomy and minorities) for an “Exchange Programme for the Politics of Recognition” (minority rights and minority protection systems) with South Asian partners.


  • Die Finanzierung der Regionen mit Sonderstatut“, SVP (internal publication), Bozen 1988

  • Mensch und Wirtschaft, Gesellschaft und Gewerkschaft in Südtirol - Eine aktuelle sozialkundliche Darstellung, AFI-IPL Bozen 2000

  •  Josef Noldin – Ich will nicht Gnade, sondern Recht“ ATHESIA, Bozen, 1999

  •  Krieg im Himalaya – Hintergründe des Maoistenaufstandes in Nepal“, LIT-Verlag, Berlin 2003

  • Il dramma del Kosovo, Datanews, Rom 1998

  • Armut in Südtirol – Eine sozialkundliche Darstellung“, Caritas Bozen 2005

  • Il groviglio del Kashmir“, Editori Frilli, Genua 2005

  • Wir sind das Volk – Einführung in die direkte Demokratie“, Initiative für mehr Demokratie, Bozen 2004

  • Democrazia diretta – Più potere ai cittadini“, edizioni SONDA, 2008

  • The world's working regional autonomies“, ANTHEM Press London/New Delhi 2007

  • Autonomien der Welt, ATHESIA, Bozen 2007 

Several contributions to single volumes and anthologies (in English, German and Italian) as well as translations of textbooks (nonfiction and novels) from English and Italian into German.

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Eva Pföstl

Eva Pföstl


Istituto di studi Politici S. Pio V

Corso rinascimento 19


Roma, Italy

Current Positions

1. Director, Istituto di Studi Politici S. Pio V, Department of Law and Economics 
2. Director, Center for Italian-Romenian Studies, Oradea, Romenia,/Roma, Italy
Adjoint Professor, Comparative Constitutional Law of Minorities and Groups, Libera University S. Pio V, Faculty of Political Science

Specific Research Fields

  • Comparative, Italian and European Constitutional Law

  • Minority and Group Rights

  • Sino-Tibetan Relations  

Expertise and Consulting

  • Comparative and European Constitutional Law

  • Minority Rights (language rights, political representation  and  participation, affirmative actions,  confidence building)

  • Legal Terminology and Drafting 

Latest Publications 

  • Condizione femminile e sicurezza , (edited by) Apes, 2008

  • Human rights and Asian Values, (edited by ) Istituto di Studi Politici S. Pio V, 2007

  • L’Unione Europea, Costituzione, governo e promozione del capitale umano, Anicia 2006, (together with A. Augenti)

  • La questione tibetana (forthcoming)

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