Paula Banerjee






1. Office and corresponding address - Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group (Calcutta Research Group), GC 45 (F.F.), Sector 3, Salt Lake City, Kolkata 700106, India (Ph: 91-33-23370408 / fax: 033-23371523
E-mail address:
paula@mcrg.ac.in / mcrg@mcrg.ac.in 

2. Residence – GD 273 , Sector 3, Salt Lake City, Kolkata 700106, India (ph: 2334 7222)

Educational Qualifications: 

(a) PhD: 1993, University of Cincinnati, USA.
"Neither Antagonist Nor Ally: Indo-US Relations from 1954 to 1966,”.
(b) M.A.: 1989, University of Cincinnati, USA.
(c) B.A.:  1987, Presidency College, Calcutta.

Current Positions: 

  • Vice Chancellor, The Sanskrit College and University

  • Former Dean, Faculty of Arts, University Calcutta

  • Former Director, and Member of Calcutta Research Group

  • Professor, Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies, University of Calcutta.

  • Academic Committee Member, Women's Studies Research Centre, University of Calcutta.

  • President, International Association for Study of Forced Migration.

  • International Editorial Board, Journal of Refugee Studies, Oxford University.

  • Editor, Refugee Watch, CRG.

Previous Positions:


1.     Head, DSSEAS, C.U.

2.     Board of Studies Member, Dept. of International Relations, Netaji Open University

3.     Coordinator of an Indo-Algerian-French initiative for research on Women’s Citizenship in the Postcolonial times under the auspices of University of Paris VII.

4.     Editorial Board Member, FMR, Oxford.

5.     Team leader, Research on UNSCR 1325 in Kenya, Nepal and NE India, Govt. of Finland.

6.     Coordinator Annual CRG Winter Course on Forced Migration

7.     Wiscomp Scholar of Peace Fellow, 2000-2001, New Delhi.

8.     Lecturer in History, Sarojini Naidu College for Women, University of Calcutta, From 1997.

9.     Instructor of Modern European Survey Courses, University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, 1988-1991

10.  President Prajak Kolkata, 2000-2004.

11.  Coordinator, National Commission For Women’s Project on Women and Displacement Due to River Erosion in Bengal.


Research Experiences and Awards: 2004-2014


1.     Fulbright SIR 2013-2014.

2.     Visiting Professor, SUNY, Oswego, USA, 2013

3.     Advisory Board Member on India-China Program, New School, USA, 2013

4.     Visiting Professor Bielefeld University, Germany, April 2012

5.     Visiting Professor, Millikin University, USA, August-December 2011

6.     Consultant MFA Finland, Development Aid and 1325, February 2011.

7.     Advisory Board Member on India-China Program, New School, USA, 2010

8.     Consultant, IDS Finland (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) 2009-2010

9.     Visiting Professor, Millikin University, USA, October-November 2010

10.  Visiting Professor, MSH, Paris, Dec 2009.

11.  SITRA – CIMO Fellow, Institute of Development Studies, University of Helsinki, Finland, October-November, 2008.

12.  Visiting Professor, University of Paris VII, September October 2005. 

13.  Visiting Professor, International Program on Advanced Studies, MSH, Paris, Jan-April, 2004.

14.  Researcher, Non-Traditional Security and Gender, WISCOMP, New Delhi, 2003-2005.

15.  Team Leader and Researcher, Minority Status Report for India, ICES, Colombo, 2004.


Coordinator of Projects and Workshops: 


1.     Coordinator UNHCR Project on Statelessness 2012-13

2.     ICSSR Research Project on Women in Indian Borderlands 2009-2011

3.     Coordinator UNHCR Workshops on Protection Issues, December 2010

4.     Coordinator of a Women’s Program on Post-colonialism and Citizenship of Women composed of India, France and Algeria, 2005-2008.

5.     Coordinator, CRG-Brookings Program on IDP Voices, 2005-2007.

6.     Coordinator of a series of workshops on the Guiding Principles in South Asia (held in Kathmandu, Dhaka, Islamabad, Guwahati, Colombo and Bangkok) 1 June 2004- 31 March 2005.

7.      Coordinator of “Annual Winter Course on Forced Migration,” Kolkata 1 October-15 December, 2004.

8.     Coordinator of “Annual Winter Course on Forced Migration,” Kolkata 1 October-15 December, 2003

9.     Coordinator of a dialogue on Autonomy and Peace, CRG-ICES, Colombo, Shillong, April 2003.

10.  Coordinator, “Women’s Dialogue on Human Rights and Peace in Northeast,” Funded by Konrad Adaneur Stiftung, Germany, July, 2002.

11.  Coordinator, “Women’s Dialogue on Human Rights and Peace in South Asia,” (International Seminar) USIS, Kolkata, 9-10 April, 2002.

12.  Joint Convenor, “Alternatives to the Problems of Girl Child in South and Southeast Asia,” (International Seminar) DSSEAS, November 2001.

13.  Coordinator, “Dialogue on Human Rights and Peace in East and Northeast,” KAS, October 2001.

14.  Joint Convenor, “Cross Border migration and the Situation of Refugees in South and Southeast Asia, DSSEAS, Kolkata, March 2001.

15.  Coordinator, “Women’s Initiatives for Peace,” Sri Lanka, January 2001.


Paper Presenter in Other International Seminars and Workshops in 2005-2014:        

1.     “Forced Migration and Women in South Asia,” Syracuse University, USA, January 2014.

2.     “Women in Peacemaking in South Asia,” SUNY Oswego, USA, November 2013

3.     “Violence Against Women in India,” Conference on Violence, Bielefeld University, Germany, October 2013.

4.     “Tripura: Good Governance?”, Conference on South Asian Studies, Madison in Wisconsin, USA, October 2013.

5.     “Women and Peacemaking in Northeast India: UNSCR 1325,” 4 March, CSW 57, UN Plaza, New York

6.     “Forced Migration and Feminization of Protest,” IASFM 13, 7 January, 2013, Kolkata.

7.     “Women and Peace,” Annual Convention of Indian Association of International Studies, 10-12 December 2012

8.     “Women, Conflict and Governance: Case of Nagaland,” Core Seminar of EU, Rome, October 2012

9.     “Crime and Criminals in Indo-Bangladesh Border,” in National Seminal of Australian Association for Asian Studies, 7-9 July 2012,

10.  “Women and Borders in NE India,” International Seminar on Democracy and Governance, Hong Kong University, February 2012

11.  “Women, Border and Crime,” Seminar on Women and Borders, Monash University, Prato, Italy, April 2012  

12.  “Women and Development Induced Displacement,” IASFM 13, Uganda, July 2011.

13.  “Development Induced Displacement in India,” Sri Lanka, RCSS, February 2011

14.  “Development Aid and Gender Empowerment,” UN Women and Embassy of Finland in New York, New York, February 2011.

15.  “Women in Indo-Bangladesh Border,” York University, Canada, November 2010

16.  “Circles of Insecurity,” New School, New York, October 2010.

17.  “Women and Prevention of Armed Conflict,” Sri Lanka, RCSS, March 2010

18.  “Indian Women and UNSCR 1325”, GPPAC, Katmandu, April 2010

19.  “AIDS as a Border Phenomena,” RIB, Dhaka, Nov. 2009

20.  “Border and Humanitarian Interventions,” IASFM 12, Nicosia, July, 2009.

21.  “Borders Of South Asia, “ CRG-UNHCR Workshop, December 2008.

22.  “Circles of Insecurity,” Institute of Development Studies, Helsinki University, Helsinki, November 2008.

23.  “Women in Peace Movements in India,” TAPRI, Tampere University, Tampere, November 2008.

24.  “Local Solidarities, Planetary Lessons - Lessons of Contemporary Women’s Autonomous Movements In India,” Helsinki University, Helsinki, March 2008

25.  “Negotiating With a Difference: Minorities in South Asia,” Tampere University, Tampere, March 2008.

26.  “IDP Women and development related Displacement in India,” January 2008, IAFSM, Cairo.

27.  “AIDS in Asia and Africa” Millikin University, Decature, USA, October 2007.

28.  “Women IDPs in South Asia,” American University Cairo, March 2007.

29.  Women and Peace in South Asia, University of Paris VII, March 2007.

30.  “Women in War and Peace in South Asia,” CEDREF, Paris, October 2005.

31.  “New Paradigms of Conflicts in South Asia,” University of Paris VII, October 2005.

32.  “Women, War and Displacement in South Asia,” GPPAC Meeting, United Nations, New York, July 2005.

33.  “Constitution, Law and Constitutionalism,” Maison Des Sciences de l’Homme (MSH) Paris, February 2005.

34.  “Women and Displacement,” College, de Philosophy, Paris, 2005

35.  “Gender, Media and Human Rights,” WACC London, February 2005.




1.     “Unstable Populations, Anxious States,” (Samya, Kolkata, 2013)

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14.  Co-authored a book on Women in Politics and Society in France, 1945-1995, Eureka Publishers (Calcutta, 1997). With Paramita Das and Anuradha Mukherjee 


Papers Published: 


1.     “Bengal Border Revisited” in Paula Banerjee ed. Journal of Borderland Studies (Vol. 27, No. 1, 2012) pp. 31-44.

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Reports Published:    


1.     In the Light of UNSCR 1325: NAP for India (WinG, 2013)

2.     Women in Forced Migration (CRG 2006)

3.     Report on the Status of Minorities in India (ICES, Colombo, 2005)

4.     Debates on Women’s Autonomy in India (CRG 2005)

5.     Across the Experiences: Naga Women in Sri Lanka (WISCOMP, New Delhi 2003)

6.     Second Civil Society Dialogue on Human Rights and Peace (CRG 2002)

7.     First Civil Society Dialogue on Human Rights and Peace (CRG 2001)

8.     Voices of Internally Displaced Persons (CRG 2006)


Lectures, Papers, and Interviews 

The Acts and Facts of
Women’s Autonomy in India

The Space Between: Women’s Negotiations


Tafts Talks: What is Forced Migration


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