Ecosystems for Life: A Bangladesh-India Initiative (E4L)


Ecosystems for Life: A Bangladesh-India Initiative (E4L)

Reports /Publications / Resources Materials

  • Executive Summary of the Resource Pack prepared jointly by Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group and Development Media Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Ecosystem for Life- A Bangladesh-India Initiative- Ecology, Politics and Survival in the India Northeast and Deltaic Bengal (CD/IUCN/MCRG/005)

  • List of Resources from International Union for Conservation of Nature:       

       1. Book (DC/ENV/MCRG/68)

    Mangroves: Soldiers of our Coasts by Roshni Sengupta, (New Delhi, TERI, 2010) 

       2. Pamphlets (IUCN) (DC/ENV/MCRG/68)

    Mangroves for the Future: A vision for a healthier, more prosperous and secure for all coastal communities

    Situation Analysis on Biodiversity Conservation

    Situation Analysis on Inland Navigation

       3. Newspaper Articles (DC/FM/MCRG/272)

               Paschimbange Banya 2000: Samvadpatra theke Samkalan- Floods in West Bengal 2000-Collection of Newspaper

            4. Report on Sagar Project published by Tagore Society of Rural Development

            5. Report on Salinity Trends in Sundarbans

            6. One Bengali Report on Sundarbans

            7. Census of Indian 2011 ( Houses, household, Amenities and Assets)

            8. Annual report by Gabinda Kati, Sundarban Sarbik Janakalyan Society

            9. An Insite into the Functioning of Gabinda Kati, Sundarban Sarbik Janakalyan Society

            10. CD on Fables of Ganga Jamuna: A Bangladesh-India Learning Project through Visual Communication

            11. CD on following Video Clipping during the Field Visit (CD/IUCN/MCRG/002)
                  a) BSF TAHOL
                  b) CHAR-LAND-CRY
                  c) FLOOD_AKHRIGANJ
                  d) POLIO-BOYCOTT
                  e) RAJA NAGAR BOP

            12. CD on following Photographs during the Field Visit and Related Documents (CD/IUCN/MCRG/003)
                   a) Churni: the Silent Death of a River
                   b) Char Demand in Malda
                   c) Matiari: Erosion Threatens the Age Old Tradition of Brass Utensil Works

            13.  CD on Primary Documents Collection during the Field Visit (CD/IUCN/MCRG/004)

            14. Article in The Leading Bengali Newspaper Ei Samay, Dated 7 October 2014


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