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This network is hosted by Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group and supported by Deutsche Welle Akademie to facilitate greater representation of refugees and displaced persons in media. Via the network, we will share each other’s’ work, connect journalists with academics (and vice versa), hold events based on the network members’ expertise, and do whatever we can to facilitate greater representation of refugees and displaced persons in media.... Read More

MCRG-360 INFO collaboration on migration

360info is an open-access global information agency that reflects critical opinions on the contemporary challenges in the field of environment, geopolitics, mental health, conflicts, war and displacement. This global media initiative – a bridge between universities and media -- is hosted by Monash University, Australia.
Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group in collaboration with 360info brings to you a series of special reports on the changing face of migration. These reports by researchers from across the globe can be accessed here

Shock Mobility (June 2023) Click Here
Cities after colonialism (January 2023) Click Here
Migration's changing face (June 2022) Click Here
Rohingya conundrum: Stateless, helpless and unwanted (March 2024) Click Here
Professor Ranabir Sammadar on the importance of media attention toward shock mobility.

Refugee Watch & Refugee Watch Online

Refugee Watch, the biannual, peer-reviewed and refereed flagship journal of the Calcutta Research Group that offers a space for debate on refugees, forced migration, displacement, statelessness and related issues will be merging with its online co-publication, Refugee Watch Online, which primarily presents brief news, reports, views and comments pertaining to the human rights of the forcibly displaced. Refugee Watch and Refugee Watch Online will be operating from a common dedicated website shortly.  


Essential Links on Calcutta Research Group’s Works on Migration and Forced Migration Studies

  • IASFM19 Conference eBooks : the e-books of the Keynotes and accepted abstracts from IASFM19 (which was held August 1-5, 2022, and hosted by the Universidade Catolica de Santos) are now available,see: CLICK HERE

  • The Calcutta Research Group has organised annual Winter Courses on Forced Migration from 2003 to 2013. For details such as course modules, readings, assignments and reports,see: CLICK HERE

  • The fourteenth Conference of the International Association for Studies in Forced Migration (IASFM) on ‘Contested Spaces & Cartographic Challenges’ was hosted by the Calcutta Research Group during January 6-9, 2013. This was the first time that the conference was hosted in South Asia. For details see: CLICK HERE

  • An extensive campaign and detailed study of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the form of workshops, roundtables and public lectures has been initiated by the Calcutta Research Group. For details see:CLICK HERE || For reports on IDPs, see: CLICK HERE

  • For a detailed information on significant works on IDPs, such as Internal Displacement in South Asia (Edited By Paula Banerjee, Sabyasachi Basu Roy Chowdhury, Samir Kumar Das, Thousand Oaks, California, New Delhi, London: Sage Publishers, 2005) see: CLICK HERE

  • Calcutta Research Group’s study on forced migration focuses on state policies in South Asia and elsewhere with relation to refugee rights, gender rights, refugee care and forced displacement. For details on the subject of refugee studies, see: CLICK HERE

  • For particulars on important publications on migration and refugees such as Refugees in West Bengal – Institutional Practices and Contested Identities (Edited by Pradip Kumar Bose, Calcutta : Calcutta Research Group, 2000); Refugees and the State-Practices of Asylum and Care in India, 1947-2000 (Edited by Ranabir Samaddar, Thousand Oaks, California, New Delhi, London: Sage Publishers, 2003); Unstable Populations, Anxious States: Mixed and Massive Population Flows in South Asia (Edited by Paula Banerjee, Calcutta: Stree Publishers 2013) & Migration and Circles of Insecurity (Ranabir Samaddar and Paula Banerjee, New Delhi: Rupa & Co, 2010) see:CLICK HERE

  • Calcutta Research Group has a peer-reviewed and refereed journal; Refugee Watch that offers an analysis of migration and forced migration from a distinctively South Asian perspective. It can be accessed at CLICK HERE || The Fleeing People of South Asia, A Collection of Essays from Refugee Watch, (Edited by Sibaji Pratim Basu, London: Anthem Press, 2009) can be accessed at CLICK HERE

  • Calcutta Research Group has a dynamic blog site that offers news, perspectives and research articles on migration, forced migration and displacement; Refugee Watch online can be accessed at CLICK HERE

  • In 2015, Calcutta Research Group introduced the position of a Distinguished Chair for Migration and Forced Migration Studies. For details on the activities of the Distinguished Chair, Professor Ranabir Samaddar and links related to the issue of migration and forced migration, see: CLICK HERE
  • recent Publications

    MAHANIRBAN CALCUTTA RESEARCH GROUP (CRG) invites applications for a Research Assistant

    MAHANIRBAN CALCUTTA RESEARCH GROUP (CRG) invites applications for a Research Assistant who will work in the area of urban studies (under the Distinguished Chair of Calcutta Research Group) on consolidated pay of Rs. 30,000/- per month for six months. Preferences will be given to candidates working on public health, public education, women's labour, and urban planning. Candidates must be below 35 years of age and are research scholars or have at least three years' experience in relevant professions such as journalism, mass communications, or legal advocacy. Candidates with proficiency in English, knowledge of computers, relevant publication/s and readiness to do fieldwork, and demonstrable interest in urban studies, and other strands of public research will be preferred. Selected candidates will be expected to join on 1 August 2024.
    Application will have to be accompanied by a detailed curriculum vitae, one recommendation letter, and a statement of intent. Applications may be sent by e-mail by 19 July 2024 to the Office Secretary, subhashree@mcrg.ac.in or by post also.

    A photo series from the Washington post


    The Ukraine Question

    The recent conflict in Ukraine raised several questions about the invasion, the initiatives toward the peace process and the rehabilitation of the displaced persons due to this conflict. Professor Ranabir Samaddar, Distinguished chair in migration and forced migration studies, participated in panel discussions and interviews organised by CRG and different institutes and organisations. The critical analyses of the impact of the Ukraine war are available here.
    The Southern View on Ukraine War, Max Planck Institute of Social Anthropology

    2. As the West Goes to War, Crafting Peace Today, Calcutta Research Group

    3. The Contentious Nature on Peace: Ranabir Samaddar on War, Justice and Social Transformation

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  • Krishna Trust


    Late Krishna Bhattacharya was a founder member of Calcutta Research Group. Krishna Trust, set up in her memory, works for the education and health of women. CRG plans to collaborate more deeply and meaningfully with the activities of Krishna Trust. This will be an humble effort on the part of CRG towards providing service to our society. For details of Krishna Trust.

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