Refugee Watch Catalogue (1998 - 2014)
Issue no. 1 to issue no. 44 can be downloaded


Issue No. 43 & 44 June & December 2013  for View CLICK HERE

Accessing Refuge: India and its 1971 Refugee “Problem” by Peter Grbac 

The Plight of Dwelling: East-Bengali Refugees and the Struggle for Land in Kolkata by Annemiek Prins                                         

Legal Brief on Statelessness Law in the Indian Context by Charlotte-Anne Malischewski                       

Reducing Statelessness: A New Call for India  by Suvro Prosun Sarker 

Women in Post-Conflict Nepal: Engendering the Issues of Women IDPs in National Regimes by Gitta Shrestha 

In an Enclave Existence: Israel’s Palestinians by Priya Singh 

India-Bangladesh Cross Border Migration: A Human Rights Discourse by Vikash Kumar 

Report on ‘Gender, Empowerment and Conflict: A Conference on South Asia’ -Report-I 

A Report on a one day Workshop on ‘Bengal-Bangladesh Border: Humanitarian Issues’ -Report-II 

Book Review by Kaustubh Mani Sengupta

Issue No. 42 December 2013  for View CLICK HERE

Marginalization and Exclusion: Politics of Non-citizen Rights in Postcolonial South Asia by Nasreen Chowdhory
Reality of Protection: Case of Urban Refugees Residing in Nepal by Laxman Lamichhane
Methodological good fit; Limitations of Quantitative Methods in Forced Migration Studies by Mohamed Munas
Right to Return: The Tibetan and Bhutanese Refugees in Nepal by Amrita Limbu
Borders and Movements: People in the Borderlands of Central Asia by Anita Sengupta
Tibetans in India and Citizenship Rights: The Legal Battle by Shuvro Prosun Sarker
Reflections on the Decade of Forced Migration Studies-Report
Book Review by
Samata Biswas

Issue No. 41 June 2013  for View CLICK HERE

Proliferation of Borders and the Right to Escape by Sandro Mezzadra
IDP resettlement policies in post conflict Sri Lanka: Assessing the evidence-based context of the resettlement process with particular emphasis on IDP participation by Fathima Azmiya Badurdeen
The East Bengali Muslims in Assam and Rohingyas of Myanmar: Comparative Perspectives of Migration, Exclusion, Statelessness by Subir Bhaumik
, the Dispossessed by Nishi Pulugurtha
The Ethics of Recognition: Bearing Witness to Human Rights’ Violations in Australian Detention Centre Narratives by Maheyrin Chowdhury
A Report on the 14th Conference of the International Association for the Study of Forced Migration (IASFM 14) by Report
Book Review by Sarvani Gooptu

Issue No. 39 & 40 June & December 2012
Section One: Consequences of Partition

Of Men and Things: The Administrative Consequences of Partition of British India by Anwesha Sengupta
Changing Mentality of the Bengalee Refugees:  the Story of Tripura (1946-1971) by Anindita Ghoshal
The Balkan Partition Return, Resettlement and Reintegration Policies for Displaced Persons in Croatia by Drago Zuparic
Ramification of Conflicts in Tripura and Mizoram - Report
Book Review by Himadri Chatterjee

Section Two: The Immigration Debate

Attaining Trishanku’s Heaven?: Bhutanese Refugee Re-Settlement in the United States by Sreeja Balarajan
Can the Immigrants´ Struggles be Emancipative? by Iker Barbero
From Fantasy of Unity to Diverse Reality: What does the Finnish Immigration Debate Mean? by Juha Rudanko
Refugee Status and Citizenship Sri Lankan Tamil Refugees in India - Report
Book Review by Paula Banerjee

Section Three: Law

Juridical Response to Mixed and Massive Population Flows by Christoph Tometten
Refugee Protection under the Constitution of Bangladesh: A Brief Overview by Nour Mohammad
Climate Change Induced Displacement and Migration in Bangladesh: The Need for Rights-Based Solutions by Sanjoy Biswas & Md. Akterul Alam Chowdhury

Section Four: The Reports on Resources, Environment, and Displacement

Disaster, Displacement and Adaptation Recovering from the Kosi Flood 2008 in Nepal - Report I
Land Acquisition and Internal Displacements in West Bengal - Report II


Issue No. 38 December 2011
Women and Population Flows in India by Paula Banerjee
“Most fatal malady”: Media, Migration and Identity in Assam by Ksenia Glebova
Life after Empires: Comparing Trajectories of Workers in   Plantations (Assam) and Kolkhozes (Kyrgyzstan)by Sanjay Barbora
Erasing Residence Rights in Slovenia by Maja Breznik, Rastko Močnik
Disasters and Displacement: Gaps in Protection by Roberta Cohen & Megan Bradley

Patterns of Internal Displacement
in Nepal by Monika Mandal

Tibetan Settlement in Thangboche and Jawalakhel- Report        

Book Review by Geetisha Dasgupta

Issue No. 37 June 2011
Security among the Refugees and Quality of Life: Case of Sri Lankan Tamil Refugees Living in Camp in Tamil Nadu by Gladston Xavier & Florina Benoit
Practising the “Guiding Principles” for Development’s Displacees: Problems and Prospects by Sudeep Basu
Rethinking “Women” in Forced Displacement
by Anita Ghimire
Tribal Land Alienation and Ethnic Conflict: Efficacy of Laws and Policies in BTAD Area by Nirmalya Banerjee

Recognizing the Dignity of Migrants by Francois Crepeau &Ranabir Samaddar
States’ Obligation to Protect: A Perspective from Global North by Anne- Claire Gayet

Land in the Eastern Province: Politics, Policy and Conflict- Report I
Fact-finding Report on the Rabha – Garo Clash in Meghalaya – Assam Border Area  - Report II

Collective Memories of Repatriates from Burma: A Case Study of West Bengal – Report III

Issue No. 36 December 2010
Refugee, Memory and the State: A Review of Research in Refugees Studies by Pradip Kumar Bose
Eviction, Housing and Livelihood in Chennai by V. Francis Adaikalam
Is a Global Identity Possible? The Relevance of Big History to Self-other Relations by
Heikki Patomäki
The Imaginary Pirate of Globalization by Antoine Garapon

Reconciling R2P with IDP Protection by Roberta Cohen

Post-conflict Displacement in Nepal- Report I
Natural Disasters and Displacement: Koshi River Flood in Eastern Nepal- Report II
Voices of IDPs and Returnees of Sunsari- Report III  

An Interview with Ved Bhasin on Forced Migration in Jammu and Kashmir by Ishita Dey & Sucharita Sengupta

Issue No. 35 June 2010
Organizing for Exile! “Self-Help” among Tibetan Refugees in an Indian Town by Sudeep Basu
Third Country Resettlement and the Bhutanese Refugee Crisis: A Critical Reflection by Shiva K Dhungana
Dealing with Migration: A Test for Democracies by François Crépeau
Justice, Accountability, and the Protection of Displaced Persons by Andrew Solomon
Refugees and Partition in a Migrants' World by
Giorgio Grappi
Bodies out of line? Corporealities of Border Practicing and the Politics of Refugee Protection by Eeva Puumala
The Proposal of Strengthening Embankment in Sundarban: Myth and Reality -
Discussion Paper I
Book Review by Ishita Dey


Issue No. 34 December 2009
A Billion Indians in a Changing Climate by
Alina Pathan
The Point of No Return - Exploring Law on Cross-Border Displacement in the Context of Climate Change
 by Vikram Kolmannskog
Struggles on the Borders of Higher Education: The Subjectivation of Indian Students in Australia by
Brett Neilson              
Global Citizenship: The Case of Migrants and Residents by
Raffaele Marchetti         
Waging Peace: Women, Restorative Justice, and the
Pursuit of Human Rights in the Solomon Islands by Elizabeth Snyder      
The Destruction of a Refugee Camp in Greece: A Report by the Movement for the Rights of Refugees and Immigrants in Patras- Discussion Paper I
A Sleep in a Sterile Zone [This military campaign too, is a part of the same regime]-
Discussion Paper II
Book Review by
Suparna Banerjee

Issue No. 33 June 2009
On the Margins of Citizenship: Principles of Care and Rights of the Residents of the Ranaghat Women’s Home, Nadia District by Ishita Dey
Critical Climatic, Migration & Biopolitics: The Mexico-US Border and Beyond by
Arun G. Mukhopadhyay 
Internal Displacement in India: Status, Condition & Prospectus of Return by Monika Mandal   
Immigration and Globalisation by Catherine Wihtol de Wenden
Franco-European Policy and Migration by Mireille Fanon-Mendes France
Iraq’s Displaced: Where to Turn? By Roberta Cohen
Internally Displaced People in Sri Lanka - Discussion Paper I 
Anti-Christian Riots in Orissa – Large Scale Destruction and Displacement - Discussion Paper II 
Chair’s Summary: GP 10 Conference in Oslo, 16 - 17 October 2008- Discussion Paper III  

Book Review by Deepali Gaur 
Book Review by Priya Singh

Issue No. 32 December 2008
On Governing Unruly Population Flows by Ranabir Samaddar 
HIV and The Displaced: Deconstructing Policy Implementation in Tsunami Camps in Tamil Nadu  by
Ratna Mathai- Luke
Gender, Camps and International Norms by Asha Hans
The Criminalisation of Asylum Seekers in the UK by
Elizabeth William
Key Policy Debates in the Internal Displaced Field by Roberta Cohen
Iraq’s Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons: The Untold Story- Discussion Paper I 
Voiceless Citizens: A case study of Internally Displaced Persons in Nepal- Discussion Paper II
Book Review by
Tarangini Sriraman

Issue No. 31 June 2008

The Growing IDP Crisis in the Southern World- Tasks from a Rights and Development Perspective by Jeevan Thiagarajah
The Protracted Refugee Life of the Sri Lankan Tamils 
in India by Gladston Xavier
Relief to Rehabilitation: Towards Policy on Development Planning, Displacement and Rehabilitation by Madhuresh Kumar
Tightening Closure, Securing Disorder: Israeli Closure Policies and Informal Border Economy During the Second Intifada (2000-2006) by
Cedric Parizot
Making Sense of Climate Change, Natural Disasters, and Displacement: A Work in Progress by Elizabeth G. Ferris
Build Back Better: Hurricane Katrina in Socio-Gender Context by Elizabeth Snyder
Report of Rapid Assessment Survey on Displaced Bhutanese Refugees from the Camps - Discussion Paper I   
Bhutanese Refugees: A Search for a Durable Solution  - Discussion Paper II
Book Review by Anita Sengupta

Issue No. 30 December 2007
The War On Immigrants by Stephen Lendman   
The Bar Dancer and The Trafficked Migrant: 
Globalisation and Subaltern Existance by Flavia Agnes
Boundaries, Borders and Bodies by Hameeda Hossain
The Dynamics of Refugee Protection and Humanitarian Assistance in Nigeria by
Shambhavi V. Murthy Gopalkrishna
How to Balance Rights and Responsibilities on Asylum at The EU's Solution Border of Italy and Libya by Rutvaca Andrijasevic   
Refugee Protection and Mixed Migration: A 10-Point Plan of Action- Discussion Paper I
The Unrecognized Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon-
Discussion Paper II 
The Lack of International Protection of Iraqi Refugees in Lebanon- Discussion Paper III
Book Review by
Ksenia Glebova 
Book Review by Binod Mishra                  


Issue No. 29 June 2007
The Foreigner and The Right to Justice in The Aftermath of September 11 by Francois Crepeau
Exclusion from Refugee Protection in Europe: An
Attempt at Legal Conceptualization by Patrick Hoenig
The Boundaries of Belonging: Reflections on Migration Policies into the Twenty-First Century by Alison Crosby
Who Went Where and How are They Doing? Pakistanis and Indians Outside South Asia by
Papiya Ghosh
A Report by Women's League of Chinland on Hidden
Crime Against China Women -Report I
A Report by Uddipana Goswami on Muslim IDPs in Western Assam -
Report II
Bangladesh Minorities Increasingly at Risk of Displacement -
Report III
Book Review by
Anita Sengupta
Book Review by
Samir Kumar Das 

Issue No. 28 December 2006
Neo liberal Globalisation and Women's Experiences of Forced Migration in Asia by Ruchira Ganguly-Scrase, Gillian Vogls, Roberta  Julian
Human Rights and Humamitarian Laws and the of 
Continuing Displacement in Sri Lanka by Jeevan Thiagarajah &Dinusha Pathiraja
Women's Rights, Asylum Jurisprudence and the Crises of International Human Rights Interventions by Oishik Sircar
IDPs in Turkey: Impact of International Community and Recent Developments by
Idil Atak
Forced Displacement and Identity Formation in the EU by
Markus Mervola
Strengthening Protection of the IDPs by
Roberta Cohen
A Report by Walter Kalin on Specific Groups and Individuals: Mass Exoduses and Displaced Person-
Report I
First Regional Conference on Internal Displacement in West Africa- Report II

Issue No. 27 June 2006
Historical Shifts in Asylum Policies in Switzerland by Yvonne Riaño and Doris Wastl-Walter
French Suburbia 2005 by Rada Ivekovic
Morality Plays at the Profiled EU & U.S Borders by Mika Aaltola
Tehri Dam:Displacement in the Garhwal Himalayas by Trijita Gonsalves
Women, Trafficking and Statelessness in South Asia by Paula Banerjee
A Report on Transnational Europe II  by Roy Pullens
Book Review by Priya Singh

Issue No. 24, 25 & 26 December 2005
Re-Orienting Studies in Forced Migration)

Tsunami: Gendered Nature of the Problem and Responses

Gender, Media and the Tsunami by
Ammu Joseph
The Tsunami Situation in Tamilnadu by Bimla Chandrasekar
The Tsunami and the UN Role in India by K. M. Parivelan
Refugees: Ethics of Care and Justice

Refugees and Humanitarianism by
Itty Abraham
Trafficking and Forced Labour in the UK by Bridget Anderson and Ben Rogaly
Uzbek Refugees by Anita Sengupta
Why should We Listen to Her? by Maria Ahlqvist
Developing a Legal Regime for Refugees in Pakistan by Atta
ur    Rehman Sheikh
Resource Politics and IDPs in South Asia

The Guiding Principles Normative Status, and its Effective Domestic Implementation
by Robert Kogod Goldman
Promoting Awarness About IDPs in Pakistan by Syed Sikander Mehdi
Adivasis in the coal mining tracks of Eastern India:by Kuntala Dutta Lahiri
Situations of Internally Displaced Muslims of Gujarat by
Sheba George
Bibliography on IDPs in Nepal

Notes and Updates...

IDP Research
South Asia
Other Regions


Issue No. 23, December 2004

(The Ethical Origins of Refugee Rights)


Refugee Updates

South Asia

Other Region 

Homeless and Divided in Jammu & Kashmir by Anuradha Bhasin Jamwal 

Ethical Origins of RefugeeRights and Humanitarian Law by Pooja Ahluwalia 

IDPs in Assam by Sumona Das

Issue No. 22, August 2004

(The Number Game)


Refugee Updates

South Asia

Other Region

Refugee and the Ethics of Public Solidarity: A Brief Overview byMitchel Traber

Impact of Internation Jurisdiction on Afgan Refugee Rights by Salma Malik

Impact of Undocumented Migration from Bangladesh to West Bengal by Pranati Datta, Swati Sadhu, B. N. Bhattacharya and P. K. Majumdar

The Lynching of Persons of Mexican Origins or Descent in the United States, 1848-1928 by William D. Carrigan and Clive Webb

(Courtesy, International Journal of Social History, 2003)

Book Review: Refugees and Their Right to Communicate: South Asia Perspective by Aditi Bhaduri

Issue No. 21, April 2004

(Refugees from Bhutan)


Refugee Updates

South Asia

Other Region



Right of Return: An Interview with Lev Grinberg byAditi Bhaduri

A Transparent Account: The Protracted Situation of the Bhutanese Refugees by Thinley Penjore

Long Ordeal for Bhutanese Refugee Women in Nepal by Keshab Poudel

Daughter of Isis by Aditi Bhaduri

Categorising Victims On the Basis of Vulnerability by Pusparaj Mohanty

Common and Specific Features of Displaced Women by Kaushikee


Issue No. 20, December 2003

(Displaced Persons’ Right to Communicate)


Refugee Updates

South Asia

Other Region

Displaced People and their Right to Communicate by Pradip N. Thomas

Victims Right to Communicate by Samir Kumar Das

Writing Displacement: Creativity and Objectivity by Pamela Philipose

Caucasian Discontent by Aditi Bhaduri

A Refugee Film- Way Back Home Journey to a lost land after 50 years by Subhendu Dasgupta

Creative Writers’ Workshop on Forced Displacement by Deepti Mahajan

Interview with Afro-Colombian IDP Leaders by Gimena Sanchez-Garazoli


Issue No. 19, August 2003

(Special Focus on Internally Displaced Persons)


Refugee Updates

South Asia

Other Region

Victims of Development: IDPs in Pakistan by Atta ur Rehman Sheikh

Internally Displaced Persons-Bangladesh by Meghna Guhathakurta, Suraiya Begum

Internally Displaced Persons in Afghanistan: A Long Way Home by Mossarat Qadeem

A Caucasian Conflict by Aditi Bhaduri

Letters from a Palestinian Refugee Camp


Issue No. 18, April 2003

(Delimited by Barbed Wires: Refugees from the East)


Refugee Updates

South Asia

Other Region

Lives Delimited by Barbed Wires by Krishna Banerjee and Purna Banerjee

Report from Palestine/ Isreal by Ajay Gandhi

Bangladesh State and the Refugee Phenomenon by Bhumitra Chakma, Downwardly mobile, Jagatmani Achariya, Ranabir Samaddar

Towards a Legal Regime for Refugee protection in Pakistan by Atta ur Rehman Sheikh

Truth, Democracy and the Margins by Samir Kumar Das

Questioning a Questionnaire by Subhendu Dasgupta


Issue No. 17, December 2002

(Unrest and Displacement Rajbanshis in North Bengal)


Refugee Updates

South Asia

Other Region

Dislocating Women and Making the Nation by Paula Banerjee

Assault on Minorities in Bangladesh: An Analysis by Meghna Guhathakurta

Unrest and Displacement: Rajbanshis in North Bengal by Sujata D. Hazarika

Tibetan Refugees in India: Survival in Exile by Rajesh S. Khara


Issue No. 16, December 2001


Afgan Refugees in Pakistan at Risk by Hiram A. Ruiz

Rights or Charity? Relief and Rehabilitation in West Bengal by Joya Chatterjee

Refugee Updates


No Work, No Space, No Future: Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon

Middle East International

438 Asylum-seekers Remain On Board on Hunger Strike - A Correspondent

Book Review by Rashed Rahman


Issue No. 15, September 2001

(Displacing People Nations March Ahead)


Media and Immigration in the Northeast by Makiko Kiomura

Refugee Updates

South Asia

Other Region

Development Induced Displacement in Pakistan by Atta ur Rehman Sheikh

On the Trail of Burma’s Internal Refugees by Thierry Falise

Settlement as Relax-Action by Oren Yiftachel

Internally Displaced Persons in Sri Lanka by Joe William

Displacing People the Nation Marches Ahead in Sri Lanka by Bandita Sijapati


Issue No. 14, June 2001

(Power, Fear, Ethics in Refugee Protection)


What is Kalil Al-Maqdah Dreaming? by Tapati Roy

Refugee Updates

South Asia

Other Regions

Dislocating Women and Making the Nation by Paula Banerjee

Mohajirs, the Refugees By Choice by Nayana Bose

Power, Fear, Ethics by Ranabir Samaddar

Creativity’s Mirror by Shubhoranjan Dasgupta


Issue No. 13, March 2001

(The Displaced in the North East)


Perspective on Mediawatch by D.S.

Refugee Updates

South Asia

Other Regions

Chin Refugees in Mizoram by Paula Banerjee

Reangs: Displaced by an Ethnic Vision by Sanat Chakraborty

Displacing Identities, Displaced Identities by Monirul Hussain

How can one be Muslim in French? by Catherine Withol de Wenden

The Refugee Problem in Africa by Shambhavi Vedantam

Joint Verification of Bhutanese Refugees: Serious Commitment or a Time-Buying Tactic? by Jagatmani Acharya


Issue No. 12, December 2000


Zionism and Palestinian Refugees by Ahmad H. Sadi

Forced Repatriation of Tamil Asylum Seekers from Europe by Didier Bertrand

An Outsider Five Hundred Years ago by Rila Mukherjee

Pakistanis and Indians outside South Asia by Papiya Ghosh

Women Refugees of Kot Chandana by Atta ur Rehman Sheikh

Issue No. 10 & 11, July 2000


Between Myth and Reality by Rada Ivekovic

Refugee Updates

South Asia

Other Regions

War and Its Impact on Women in Sri Lanka by Kate de Rivero

Refugee Women of Bhutan by Jagat Achariya

Afghan Women in Iran by Arpita Basu Roy

Dislocated Subjects: The Story of Refugee Women by Mekno Kaapanda and Sherene Fenn

Russian Women in Central Asia by Anita Sengupta

Chronicles of Suffering – Refugee Women of South Asia by Syed Sikander Mehdi

Widows of Brindaban: Memories of Partition by Manju Chattopadhyay

Wounded Reality: My Life as a Refugee by Antorika Chakma


Issue No. 9, March 2000


Refugee Updates

South Asia

Other Regions

The Legal Scenario of  Refugee Protection in South Asia by Tapan Bose

Scrutinizing the Land Resettlement Scheme in Bhutan by Jagat Achariya

Post-Amsterdam Migration Policy and European Citizenship by Catherine Wihtol De Wenden

Internal Displacement in Northeast India: Challenges Ahead by Subir Bhaumik

Book Notice by Anita Sengupta

Voices from the Exile by Sabyasachi Basu Ray Chaudhury


Issue No. 8, December 1999


Refugee Updates

South Asia

Other Regions

Bengalee Sttlers in Pilibhit by Tarun Bose

Bhutan-Nepal Negotiations on Refugees from Bhutan by Jagat Achariya

A Life of Fear and Trauma: The Uncertain Fate of the Dighinala Refugees by Jatindralal Chakma and Upendralal Chakma

The Past as Future: What Happened to the Refugees in Bengal by Antara  Ghose and Soma Ghosal

Issue No. 7, September 1999


Refugee Updates

South Asia

Other Regions

A Kargil War Refugee Camp by Tapan K. Bose

Shattered Lives, Shattered Homes by Harteleigh Richard

Kargil - Life in the Times of War by Soma Ghosal

History of Article 27: Article 27 and the Optional Protocol Self-Determination in the Covenants: Letting go the Right to Return by Rita Manchanda

Families, Displacement, Partition by Meghna Guhathakurta


Issue No. 5 & 6, June 1999


Afghanistan: Basic Facts Afghan Refugee Updates, 1999...

Refugee Updates

South Asia

Other Regions

Seven Phases of War and the Exodus by Arpita Basu Roy

Shelter-Seekers or Refugee-Warriors? by Arpita Basu Roy

An Endless Journey: The Plight of Afghan Refugee Women by Soma Ghosal

Crisis in International Refugee Protection by Tapan Bose

Voices from the Exile

Trust and the Refugee Experience by Pradip Kumar Bose

Middle of the Road is a Very Dead End by Manas Ray


Issue No. 4, December 1998


A Report from Bosnia by Rada Ivekovic

Population Displacement in India: A Critical Review by Samir Das and Sabyasachi Basu Ray Chaudhury

The International Refugee Law Regime and Recent Changes by Sarbani Sen

The Forgotton Majority by Paula Banerjee

Delhi Consultation on Refugees in South Asia by A Correspondent

Biharis in Bangladesh: Secessation, Liberation and the Problem of Statelessness by Muhammad Tajuddin

Book Notice by Sabyasachi Basu Ray Chaudhury


Issue No. 3, July 1998


A Matter of Ethnicity

Courtesy: Report of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, 1998

The Nepalese Press on the “South Bhutanese Question” by The Kathmandu Post

Excerpts from Jan Breman’s

Taming the Coolie Beast

Bhutanese Refugee Crisis: A Historical Overview by Lipi Ghosh

Voices form the Exile


Issue No. 2, April 1998


Refugee Receiving Countries in South Asia: An Overview by Aung Phyro and Tapan Bose

Sri Lankan Tamil Refugees in India - A Correspondent

Grim War: People are Fleeing Everywhere by Sabyasachi Basu Ray Chaudhury

Intellectual Exile: Expatriates and Marginals

Internally Displaced Persons in Sri Lanka by Joe William

Agonies and Ironies of War by Paula Banerjee

Voices from the Exile


Issue No. 1, January 1998


Refugee in South Asia: An Overview by Aung Phyro and Tapan Bose 

Protection of Refugees, Migrants, Internally Displaced and Stateless Persons- A Correspondent 

Refugee Repatriation: Politics of Gender by Paula Banerjee 

Internal Displacement in North East India by Subir Bhaumik 

Voices from the Exile

Refuee Watch No. 1

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